Tuesday, November 29, 2011

The Holiday Season is Upon Us!

I can't believe Thanksgiving has come and gone, and Christmas is quickly approaching!  I feel like I'm behind already!  You'd think this would be a normal feeling for me, since I am always behind, but I wish I could be ahead just one Christmas season.  Well, it's still early (not even December yet!), so maybe I'll catch up.
I do love this time of year though--a national day just for giving thanks to God, and of course Christmas, the celebration of the birth of God's greatest gift--our savior Jesus!  I hope everyone takes the time to soak in the meaning of the season.  Don't rush through and miss the beauty of it all!
We had a WONDERFUL Thanksgiving!  We've been having it here, at our house, the past few years, with our kids and grandkids, and usually my sister too.  It's very nice.  Everyone brings something, and my turkeys have been turning out PERFECT!  That's a big deal to me, because years ago, as a young wife and mom, I tried to make a turkey and it didn't turn out.  I cried.  My wonderful, patient, husband ran up to the store to buy some deli chicken to go with the rest of the meal I had prepared.  I said I'd never cook another turkey! Well, about 20 years later, I thought I'd give it another shot, and it turned out great!
This was Charlie's 1st Thanksgiving!   He is getting to be such a big boy!  He has physical, occupational, and speech therapy privately and through preschool.  He is learning to crawl, stand, and walk.  All his muscles are being worked--including core and mouth.  I love all his facial expressions.  He is a happy, funny, little boy.
His little brother, Brennan, is growing quickly too!  He knows all his colors, and his ABCs.  He loves pointing out letters and saying them all.  I love the way he says things, in his own Brennan way!
Shonna came home for the holiday.  She was going to be here for just a few days, but she surprised us and came home early!  She is back at school now, but will be back in a few weeks for a whole month!
I had my 3 month bloodwork and check-up with my oncologist recently.  Everything looks good!  My hemoglobin is back up into the normal range for the first time in over 2 years.  Still would like it a bit higher though.  My neuropathy in my feet has been bothering me more often.  Right now my feet feel tingly and like the bottoms are burning.  I found something that helps though--a foot massage!  Really, it does help, and I'm blessed with a husband who is willing! 
My next check-up will be in 3 months, and I'll have more bloodwork and ct scans before I see my onc.  My next mammogram and MRI will be in April.  After all those tests are done, I might get my port removed.  I like having it for the tests; it saves my veins.
Well, I'm going to go get a much needed foot rub now!  May the next few weeks bring you abundant joy and blessings!  Even when life doesn't seem so good, we can have true joy in knowing Jesus as our Savior, friend, and Lord!