Friday, November 19, 2010

Radiation Going Well

Hi Dee!  :D  and anyone else reading this....
I have been very busy!  I go to radiation every morning at 9:45, then the last few days I've also been shopping after.  I've been planning and organizing for Thanksgiving, and of course spending time with my little grandson, Brennan.  He was here twice this week--he's 13 months old now, and a funny little boy.  Likes to make people laugh!  There were a few other things going on this week as well-- like I said, busy!
Radiation is going well, so far.  I am getting red skin, and it's a little sore at times, but most of the time I don't even notice.  I get tired in the afternoons, and by 9pm I'm ready for bed! But, overall I am enjoying feeling better, and being done with chemo!
I still have my neuropathy in my hands and feet.  I think it is slightly better than it was right after chemo.  I have a lot of aches and pains--everytime I get up from the chair I walk funny until my legs and hips get moving again!  This happened to me last time after chemo too.  It seems to happen to a lot of women after chemo, and our oncs don't seem to know why--they attribute it to other things.  I eventually will go see a rheumatologist.  I had some arthritis and RA pain before all this cancer crap, but not this bad.  Other than that, I still tire easily-an hour of shopping and I'm pretty tuckered out. But there was a time when I couldn't even shop for half an hour!
I didn't really plan on feeling better until after radiation, and I've been noticing that I am doing much better than I expected at this point.  This makes me very happy.  :)   I went up to church this week and spent an hour and a half doing some copying for the children's programs, and it felt good to be up there helping out again.  And the hugs were nice too!
On Thanksgiving I'll be having my kids over here for dinner.  This will be the third year that I've done that (instead of spending it with my mom and siblings), and it's really nice.  Not that I don't enjoy spending time with my family...I just like having this one holiday for Rich, me, and the kids.  I'll see everyone else at Christmas. :)
Rachel and Ken have most of their paperwork done for the adoption.  Everything will be sent to "Joshua's" country, and then they wait until they hear something--probably not until Feb. or March.  They are having a fundraiser event at Bridgewood Community Church on Friday, Dec. 3rd.  There will be entertainment, a silent auction, and free cookies! Also some door prizes and probably some other fun. You can get a ticket for a $5 (or more!) donation.  There are many items in the silent auction, like gift certificates for salons and restaurants, and  many other items!  Great Christmas gifts!  Everyone is welcome--doors open at 6pm.  E-mail me if you would like a ticket, more info, or just want to donate.  This little boy needs a "forever family" to love him and take care of him.  He has down syndrome, and needs heart surgery.  He'll be 4 years old soon, and at risk of being put into an institution, where he will soon die.  Read about him by clicking on the button on the side of my page.  I think there is a link there also to Reece's Rainbow, the organization that helps these kids get adopted.  As Christians, we are called to care for the orphans.  Every child deserves to be loved and cared for.  Not all of us can adopt a child, but we can support those that do, and the organizations that help them!
Have a great weekend!
May the Good Lord bless you all


  1. Glad to hear that radiation is going well. That pesky neuropathy... it never really left Ron, just dissipated a little when he was off Chemo. Luckily his new med has not fueled it any further! Enjoy time with your family- just don't over do it. Let them help you all they want.
    Happy Thanksgiving, Tina!

  2. I heart this post :)
    James 1:27 - We are called to care!

  3. Finally!

    (Thank you.)