Monday, March 14, 2011

My Darling Baby B

I suppose I shouldn't call him "Baby B" anymore--he is a toddler now!  But I think he'll always be Baby B to me :)
Brennan came to stay with us yesterday (Sunday, March 13th).  Rich drove Rachel and Ken to the airport about 11:30 am.  Rachel left pretty quickly, to avoid crying--although I don't think that worked too well!  She said that she said goodbye to Brennan earlier that morning.  I know I was having a hard time not crying when she left!  Partly sympathy, partly the fact that I will miss her too!
She and Ken made it to Munich yesterday (or early this morning?), then they have a 10 hour (!) layover before flying to UKnown country ( ;) ).  They will arrive sometime tonight. Wed. is their court date, and, if all goes as planned, they can take the overnight train to the town where the orphanage is on Thurs., and meet their little boy on Friday.  They hope to be back home in 2 weeks.
Brennan was all smiles and silliness this morning at breakfast.  After playing for awhile, he started getting a little tired and went to the gate (at the top of the stairs) and whined a little.  He was wanting his mommy to come get him and take him home :( .  To distract him, we (my mom and I) got him ready and took him to the store!  I needed to go to the post office, and mom wanted some yarn from Michael's.  He was pretty happy in the car seat, chattering and laughing, and he behaved very well in the store.  He is an experienced shopper!  Rachel rarely stays home a full day with him.  She is always running somewhere!  When we came back it was time for lunch and nap.  He is such a good boy!  Please pray that everything will go quickly for Rachel and Ken--no delays!  God can make this work for them!
I think we'll do some coloring this afternoon, and maybe play-dough.  Tomorrow I might take him to the library for family storytime.  The only problem is it starts near his lunchtime.  I can give him a snack before we go though.  It all depends on what time he wakes up in the morning, and how well he sleeps.  It won't be much fun if he's tired, hungry, and crabby!
I have another Herceptin infusion on Wed.  Ken's sister is going to take him that morning for me.  She is a teacher and is on Spring break this week--perfect timing!  Then on Friday Ken's dad will pick Brennan up after work and they will keep him for the weekend.  It'll be a nice break, but I'm sure I'll miss him!
I am doing well!  Still tired a lot, which is frustrating for me.  I'm sleeping ok, so I feel like I shouldn't be so tired.  I might try to do the treadmill in a bit, while B is napping.  Maybe some exercise will wake me up!
Love and blessings!!

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