Friday, July 8, 2011

Letting Others Write My Blog

I've read a couple of very good blog posts lately, and instead of writing my version of them, I am going to include links to them so you can read them yourselves.
First, read this writer's take on the new cdc report about colon cancer screening: Michellwillwin
Then, read this post from Ann about things you should and shouldn't say to people with cancer (and her snarky responses).  Ann is a great writer, and is able to talk about tough subjects with her always present sense of humor: butdoctorihatepink
And then, for an update on my grandsons, you can read about them here: loveissugarfree
These are all well written, easy reads.  Please check them out!

As for me, life has been GREAT.  I have been busy with my kids and grandkids, having lunch with friends, and helping my mom with some doctor appointments.  I have 2 Herceptin infusions left, and then I am DONE. SOON!!  In mid August I will have a MUGA scan for my heart and a chest/abdomen/pelvic ct scan to make sure I am still clear of cancer.  Then, I will see my onc., and have my final Herceptin.  Oh, and a bunch of blood tests too.  I think after that I won't have to see my oncologist for 6 months.  Won't that be wonderful?!?!
Near my birthday this month we are going up to Duluth for a few days.  Last year on my birthday I told everyone to plan to spend a few days with me in Duluth this year.  My girls, their 2 husbands, and my 2 grandsons will all be up there with Rich and I.  I had been getting treatment for cancer the past 2 summers, so I really wanted to do something fun this year!
We all feel so blessed.  God has been good to us!
Hope all are enjoying the summer--around here it'll be gone too soon!


  1. Yes, do something fun! I love it! Wish I was there to celebrate our birthdays together. Mine is the day before yours. giggle

    So excited that you are nearing the end of your treatments!!! Yay!!!

  2. Hi Tina,
    It is good to hear you sounding so positive, pretty much all the time! That really inspires me. I know it comes mostly from your faith in the Lord and because you are surrounded by such a loving family, friends and church community.
    I also really love Duluth, going there with a girlfriend just to hang out for the day tomorrow. Hope you really enjoy your time there and that summer will continue at a turtles pace.
    Love and Blessings,