Tuesday, January 24, 2012

February is looking Busy!

Seems I'm doing about 1 blog a month now.  I guess that's good--means nothing too bad is happening health-wise!  :)  Life is busy though, and that's good too.
Work is going well.  Every time I complain about it I remember 1. it's only 3 hours, and 2. I get lots of days off! The 3 hours part can be deceiving though. It's a very busy 3 hours, and 1 hour of it is outside.  It gets hard on my neuropathy, not to mention my poor aging skin!  I have other problems that are aggravated by so much walking around too.
There is another job, though, that I've been thinking about, and may see if I can do it temporarily over the summer.  It involves lots of paper work, and sounds like heaven!  My sister was describing it to me and everything she said just made it sound better and better.  Most people wouldn't like to be searching through stacks of papers and working on the computer, but to me, that is the PERFECT job.  The pay is less, but I would be working year round and therefore would be making more money annually than I do now.  Just something I'm thinking about at this point.
Another job I would like to do would be helping out the elderly--especially with their computers.  Many want to get e-mail and be on Facebook to see what everyone is doing, and look at pictures, but don't know how.  Think anyone would hire me to come over once or twice a week and help them get online? It's just one of those thoughts that tumble around in my head!
Excuse me if I ramble on a bit today.  I had to take a pain pill, and that makes me a little loopy!  I will fill you in a bit on some issues I have been having, but don't want to get in to too much detail because of the "delicate" nature of these issues. (If you have read my blog from the beginning, you know that I used to just tell it like it is, since it's hard not to when talking about colon and breast cancer. But it's been awhile since I've had to talk much about these things).  Last Thursday I saw the colon-rectal surgeon again that I saw back in Oct. or Nov.  I definitely have a fistula this time.  My backside has been very painful; some days worse than others (like today).  There are also tender skin issues from radiation and today is a day when both things are painful at the same time! A fistula is a tunnel that develops under the skin, between two organs, or from the inside to the skin surface.  Normally the surgeon would cut the top off of it and then it would fill in and close up with scar tissue. I can't have surgery back there because my radiated skin might not heal.  Also my surgeon told me the procedure could leave me incontinent (because of radiation or my colon resection, or maybe both)--no thanks!!  In Feb. I will be having a procedure where my surgeon can "explore" the area and hopefully put in a tiny tube to help it drain (not sure if this will help it close up?).  This will be done under anesthesia.  Sounds fun doesn't it? Another side effect of that wonderful radiation. (A side note--someone asked me how to word a blurb about the radiation her daughter would be having--I told her the right way to word it, then told her there are many other words I could put with the word radiation--and none of them very nice!! It's the only time I swear, or think of swearing, these days!)
Also coming up in Feb. will be my labs, ct scans (for colon cancer), and 3 month visit with my oncologist; also a visit with my primary for a pre-op check up.  I plan on talking to her about my neuropathy at that time, to see if there is anything more I should be doing to keep it from getting worse. So, it will be a busy month!  Feb. 6th will be 3 years since my tumor was found during a colonoscopy, and on the 20th it will be 3 years since 18" of my colon was removed.
March is my "breast cancer" month. I'll have a mammogram and MRI.  
It's crazy what I've been through in the last 3 years!  Sometimes it seems so far away, and other times it seems like it was just yesterday I was lying in bed in a chemo fog, unable to even shower!  I am so grateful to still be here, 3 years later. Even with all the side effects, life is still wonderful.  The blog community has lost several lovely people to cancer the last few months (from young children, to mom's with young children, to the elderly), and others have had their cancer get worse.  I know how blessed each day is that I am cancer-free.  My prayer list grows long...
Well, I think that's enough for today.  Maybe in a few days I'll post more about non-cancer related parts of my life (like my awesome little grandsons!). Stay tuned!
Love and blessings!


  1. Tina, I'll be praying that all goes well with you. I know what you mean when you mention "delicate" issues. God bless you and keep you in his loving hands.

  2. Haha mom, just FYI I'm not sure the younger, computerized generation necessarily wants the elderly to have access to FB....