Monday, December 3, 2012

Scope Day

I had my colonoscopy today and it's all clear!  I'm good for FIVE years!  Woo-hoo!  Last time it was 3 years, and now I've advanced to 5.  I am so glad, because the prep was really rough.  A person who has had 18" of their colon removed responds differently to the prep.  Next time the prep will be modified to avoid all the painful cramping!  I still have some nausea this evening, so have been taking it easy.  Resting a lot, drinking lots of water, and not eating too much yet.
I was able to watch the procedure on the monitor, and I clearly saw the radiated part of my colon.  It's very red looking, and bleeds easily.  I was told this at my last scope too, but this time I saw it more clearly.  It's not inflamed, so that is good.
I'm just so glad it's over with.  It's been a miserable 2 days!  
Guess who needs to get his done this next year?  Yep!  Hubby turns 50 soon!  Anyone else that is reading this that is 50 or over, and has not had their colonoscopy yet, GET IT DONE!  Call your primary physician, and get it set up asap!  And if you have any changes to your bowel habits, or mucus and/or blood, get to your Dr. now and get it checked out!  Colon cancer can be cured if it is found early enough. I waited about 18 months before I told my Dr. about my problems. I had some other medical problems I wanted to take care of first.  I sure wish I hadn't waited.  I still would've had cancer, but I may have been able to skip the radiation--boy wouldn't that be nice if I didn't have to deal with those side effects!
Love and Blessings!

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