Thursday, April 8, 2010

Met With the Surgeon

Ok, before I get started with details, I want to mention that I started getting sick this morning. My neck started to ache, which worked its way down my back and up into my head, then I discovered I had a fever too. Took Tylenol and ibuprofen, and felt ok most of the day. I mention this because I'm really tired and a little achy right now, so I'm not too concerned with grammar and making sense! :)
I met with my surgeon, Dr. Todd Morris, about 2 today. I really liked him. He's kind, and has a good sense of humor. He took his time explaining everything, and answering all my questions. He said I could have a lumpectomy with radiation, or a mastectomy. I probably won't need chemo, but might need hormone therapy. We went ahead and scheduled the lumpectomy for April 26th, and in the meantime, I'll have an MRI (next Tuesday) and meet with the genetic counselor (next Thursday). If more calcifications (or worse) show up on the MRI, I would probably have to have a mastectomy. If the geneticist finds out I have the "breast cancer gene" I could possibly end up having a bilateral (double) mastectomy. But for now, we are going with the lumpectomy. I could have chosen to have the surgery sooner, and do a mastectomy in the future, if needed, but I would rather have all the facts and then have just one surgery.
When I have surgery, the surgeon will also take the sentinel lymph nodes. He finds them by injecting dye into my breast, then watching which nodes it goes to, then those are the ones he removes. Its just a precaution; he doesn't expect to find anything in the nodes.
Dr. Morris said I am lucky to have caught the cancer at an early stage, and my prognosis is very good. We will find out after surgery if I need hormone therapy. The biopsy I already had was too small to tell whether there was estrogen or progesterone receptors. That basically means one of those hormones might cause the cancer to grow, and I would take drugs to block that hormone.
This morning I started to get very nervous about all of this. I REALLY don't want to have another surgery, and go through all this again. I mentioned on facebook that I was more nervous than I expected, and several people gave me encouragement and prayed for me. I spent some time with God, and felt more at peace (although I started feeling sick!). I don't know why I have to go through this, and I don't like it, but I pray that God's will, not mine, be done in my life. Then sometimes I wonder if I'm really that thick-headed, that I have to go through all this to learn the lesson God wants to teach me! :P
I want to thank one of my wonderful aunts for sending me money to buy treats for the cancer center. We stopped at Target on the way and bought a bunch of snacks. As usual, they were VERY grateful. My mom had crocheted some hats, and I brought them too. The nurses set them out, then anyone who wants one can take one.
Speaking of the nurses, I had a different one today (I had my port flushed before my appt. with the surgeon), and I told her about my new diagnoses. She didn't say much about it, just kept being all chipper and nice. When I was in the waiting room at the breast health center (across the hall), she popped in and told me how sorry she was that she misunderstood me. She was entering my info into the computer and somehow saw something about the breast cancer, and the other nurses looked at it too (the others knew me better and new that I had colon cancer before, not breast cancer). She had thought I was saying that I had started chemo for breast cancer a year ago. Anyways, she was very apologetic and said they all were sorry to hear about this, and would be thinking about me and praying for me. Those nurses are THE BEST!
So, that's my story. Oh--when I got home this afternoon, Brennan was here and I got to take care of him for a little while. He has a cold, but was still pretty smiley. He was more snuggly too!
I'll keep you updated!
Take care,

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  1. Hi Tina, I've been on vacation and I'm now busy trying to get caught up on blogging. You poor girl... hang in there, okay? I will continue to pray for you. The part of your post that jumped out at me was "my prognosis is very good." :) So glad to hear that.