Thursday, April 1, 2010

Biopsy Results!

Well, got the news today, and its not good. I do have breast cancer. Its DCIS, with an "area of micro-invasive ductal carcinoma". What that means is that its mostly non-invasive, but part of it is invasive. That means it can spread. My primary doc thinks we probably found it early enough. She gave me the name of a surgeon to call.
Before I called a surgeon, I wanted to check in with my oncologist to see what he had to say. He is out of the office this week, but his nurse gave me the # for Regions Breast Care Center--which is right across the hall from my onc. They have 3 surgeons there, so I made an appt. with one of them for next Thursday. I had an appt. to get my port flushed next Friday, but I changed that to right before my surgeon's appt., so I can do it all in one visit.
I'm guessing I will have to have a lumpectomy, and maybe radiation. Hopefully that's it. You'd think all the chemo I just had would have taken care of this too--but each cancer is very different.
So, isn't life fun? I am feeling very sarcastic, annoyed, and sometimes even a little humorous, but not afraid. I thought it was a little funny that I now can sport blue and pink ribbons--I love those 2 colors together! I guess the "C" word doesn't scare me so much anymore. God is still good (its impossible for Him to be anything else!), and He will help me through this too. Our sermon series at church has been about "Fearless Living", and I've decided to really put my trust in God and not be afraid! Life isn't about me, or my happiness and comfort, its about God, and showing Him to others and giving Him glory no matter what happens.
So, keep me in your prayers, but don't worry about me. :)
Love to all,

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  1. We may never know 'why' until we meet Him face to face, but there is great comfort in knowing that we WILL meet Him face to face! Hang tough. Baby Brennan and maybe Kailyn will keep you filled with joy through all this. :-)

    Love you.