Sunday, August 1, 2010

The Last of the Bad Days

I'm hoping and praying that yesterday was the last "bad" chemo day I'll have.  I feel a bit better today, so things are headed the right direction!  Yesterday I was so weak and out of it, I could hardly stand it!  I kept trying to sit out on the couch and be a part of what was going on around the house, but I just couldn't shake the fog.  Probably one of the worst fatigue days I have had.  I am thankful that the nausea is not bad. I've taken one or two anti-nausea pills each day, and they are working.  Yesterday and today I was very weak in the shower--I take a quick one and then go lay down until my heart stops pounding!  So, even though I'm feeling a bit better, I still won't be doing much!  Each day I should get a little stronger. 
I've got so much to do this week!  Shonna is moving to KC next week!  We are driving her down next Sunday, and we'll come back on Wed.  I'm not sure I'm ready for this empty nest thing!  Sometimes I'm excited, sometimes very sad. I guess that's all normal when your baby goes to college!  I am very excited, though, to watch Shonna grow and shine, and see what God has in store for her.  Same way I felt about Rachel and Alyssa as they went off to college.  I'm so proud of them all!  Yes, the relationship will change, but it is a new and exciting time!
Ok, enough of that!  Last Monday when I had my last AC chemo (yay!), my onc and I talked about the next steps.  I have to have another chemo called Taxol, and that can cause neuropathy.  Dr. J checked my hands and feet and decided I should have the Taxol every 2 weeks instead of weekly, because its better for the neuropathy (which I already have from chemo last year).  Some of the other side effects may be a little worse though--but hopefully not nearly as bad as what I've been through!  I'll only have to have 4 treatments of Taxol instead of 12, so I'll be done with it in 2 months instead of 3!  I will also start the Herceptin at that time, and have it weekly.  He said something about it working better when its started weekly.  After the Taxol is done, I can get the H every 3 weeks if I want.
My first chemo appt. for this new stuff is Aug. 23rd--so I have a 4 week break!  Next week I'll be in KC, and the week after that Dr. J is on vacation.  He said it is ok to wait.  That first appt. will be a long one!  The Taxol will take about 3 hours--they give it slowly the first time to watch for allergic reactions.  I'll get decadron and benedryl in the port first.  Not sure what anti-nausea med I'll get--Dr. J and I will talk about that first.  I guess he usually just gives a compazine pill, because the nausea isn't too bad, but the nurse said since I have a history of more nausea (lasting for days), he might stick to what's worked for me in the past.  Then I'll also get my first infusion of Herceptin (H), and that takes a long time too.  The following infusions of H will only be a 1/2 hour, and the Taxol will go quicker too, as long as there are no problems with it.
Well, that's my update for now.  Starting to get hungry, which brings on the nausea--better go find something to eat! :)
Love and blessings!

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