Friday, August 27, 2010

Taxol Day 4 and 5

Still have the bone/joint/muscle pain.  Ibuprofen doesn't seem to help any, so when it gets bad I take a percocet.  I've been sleeping in the recliner, because for some reason "reclining" hurts less than laying all the way down on a bed.  Also, if the pain gets bad, rocking helps.  I've kicked Rich out of the recliner in the evening so I can sit there and either put my feet up, or rock. :)
Speaking of feet, mine have been more swollen than usual.  I think the swelling is lymphedema from the lymph nodes I had removed during my colon resection last year.  Not sure why its worse now though--don't think its a blood clot because the swelling would be worse, and both feet probably wouldn't be swollen.
About the only other side effect I have from the Taxol is loss of taste.  Things don't taste bad, but I can't fully taste them.  Everything tastes sort of "watered down". 
Overall, this chemo isn't as bad as the previous chemos I've had.  There has been no mind-numbing fatigue, no nausea, no awful taste.  Just the pain.  But that comes and goes, and when its bad, I can take something to help.
Alyssa is here visiting today while Jaren is at work.  She had her 4 wisdom teeth pulled yesterday, and is still very sore.  She thought we could be "miserable" together!  Its always nice to spend time with her--even if I'm doped up, and she can hardly talk!
Hope everyone has a nice weekend!!


  1. Oh, I was so hoping you wouldn't have the pain. Hot baths helped a bit. Lots of pillows. Regarding the swelling...taxol made me swell like a balloon. I had some serious cankles. VERY NORMAL for taxol.

    Hills and valleys. You should be at the beginning of the uphill.


  2. The neulasta may be contributing to the pains. I never had neulasta but I did have neupogen shots time for for about 10 days in a row. It was a groaning time.

  3. Lifting you up in prayer today, Sweetie!