Monday, January 24, 2011

January 24th Update

Hey everyone! I haven't been posting much because there just isn't much to say!  I am enjoying life, and giving myself time to heal.
I want to mention my sadness over the loss of a sister blogger.  She passed away a few days ago after a long battle with stage 4 breast cancer.  I knew she was getting worse, but there still seemed to be hope, so this was sort of sudden.  She occasionally read my blog, and it is sad writing this one knowing she won't be reading it.  We will miss you Daria! Please pray for her husband and family.
Last Thursday, the 20th, was one year since I finished the FOLFOX chemo for colon cancer.  Coming up soon will be my 2 year "cancerversary".  In about a month I'll have my CT scan to check for more cancer.  The thought doesn't make me nervous yet, but we'll see what happens when the date gets closer!  Even though I know God is with me, I still wouldn't like to hear there is more cancer! 
As far as the breast cancer goes, I will have my next Herceptin infusion next Wed., Feb. 2nd.  The infusions are every 3 weeks.  I might have to have some labs done because of the bp med I'm taking, but I won't be seeing my onc at this appt.  I'll see him next time to go over my CT and MUGA results.
I'm still thinking about whether or not I want to do reconstruction.  I've been reading others' experiences, and there is a private website where you can look at pictures of reconstruction.  I'm am so grateful to the women who have put their pictures and their stories there to help others.  I would probably have to have some sort of "flap" surgery, because radiation affects the skin too much for implants.  One of the flap procedures uses the muscle from your back and brings it around to the front.  This sounds painful to me!  I'm not sure I want to go through a major surgery and 6 week recovery again.  We'll see...  Any pros and cons from any readers that have gone through this(recon or not) please e-mail me!
I am LOVING my time off!  I feel so guilty sometimes, then I remember all I've been through the past 2 years, and I don't feel so guilty anymore!  Also, because of my neuropathy I can't work anyways, at least not until it warms up outside!  I usually watch Brennan once or twice a week, I have time to IRON (something I always hated to do but mostly because I didn't have time!  Rich was happy to have some of his shirts back!), I am helping out at church again ( I do copying and stuff for the Children's Pastor), AND I joined a women's Bible study that is on Thurs. mornings.  It's a Beth Moore study called "Breaking Free".  It's pretty intense, and helps you overcome anything that might be holding you captive.  I have no idea what that might be right now, but I'm pretty sure I'm going to find out!  God wanted me at this study for a reason. The study says that "A Christian is held captive by anything that hinders the abundant and effective Spirit-filled life God planned for her".  I want that "abundant and effective Spirit-filled life" that God has planned for me!  Rachel and Alyssa are doing the study too.  Alyssa has also done other Beth Moore studies.
Speaking of Alyssa, she and Jaren are down in Cabo San Lucas on their mission trip right now.  They will be building a classroom for the youth in the area and putting on a marriage seminar.  She sent me an e-mail after their 1st day. It is warm and beautiful there and she saw some whales in the bay!  They asked for prayer for sleep (apparently the bed and pillow are hard as rocks!), and for them not to have any stomach troubles or illness. Also, please pray for the lives they will be touching down there.  This is a very poor area where the kids are often left alone during the day.  There is lots of drug use also.  Pray for the team to be strong in the Lord and the presence of the Holy Spirit to be with them.
Rachel is spending a lot of time trying to get all their paperwork done for the adoption.  Many forms have had to be redone more than once.  If everything is not PERFECT it has to be redone!  They are hoping to be one of the first families called to go over there to adopt their son.  Hopefully this will be in March or April!
Shonna is back at school and busy as ever.  She works a few hours a week at a nearby library.  She will be learning how to play the keyboard and has some sort of singing lessons too, I think. Also choir, theology, and required time in the prayer room.  Here is a link to the prayer room. It's great to listen to during your own prayer time or Bible study time.
Well, that's all for today!
Love and blessings!


  1. Thanks for the update Tina. You are precious to me. God bless you, Sister in Christ.

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