Friday, January 28, 2011

A Video of Me With a Pet Therapy Dog

While at Regions getting chemo last year (sometime in Sept. or Oct., 2010) I was asked if I wanted a visit from a pet therapy dog, and if yes, could it be recorded?  I said yes, and received a visit from Chilly.  I have met Chilly and his handler, Mary before.  I love when the dogs come by to visit.  The whole video is interesting, but if you haven't got time to watch it all, my part starts at 13:44.  I was reluctant to put this on here, because my face is puffy from steroids, and I have no eyelashes or eyebrows, but the blog is about my experiences with cancer--so here it is!  The video is part of a cable program called "Knowledge for Wellness".


  1. Oh Tina, Pet therapy is so amazing! I have a wonderful team of volunteers (Dogs on Call; Love on a Leash) that bring dogs into our facility. They are so well trained and have such a wonderful temperment. They intuitively know what a person needs or wants, and how long their visit should last. Watching the interaction between patients and the dogs is one of the best parts of job. So of course, I cried when I watched your video!!! Love ya.

  2. this was great ma!! too bad you didn't get a CUTE dog!! :)))

    middle one