Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Little Charlie is in the Hospital

Rachel brought Charlie to the ER yesterday.  He has had a fever off and on for a few days and has not been feeling well. The doctors put him on antibiotics and wanted to keep him overnight at the hospital.  Rachel went home for a little bit last night, and then went back down to spend the night with Charlie.  This morning they found e-coli in his urine, which means he has an urinary tract infection (UTI).  They are doing some tests on his kidneys today to see if there is any problem there that caused the infection.  UTIs are uncommon in young boys, and sometimes there is an underlying problem. He will stay in the hospital for a few days to get IV antibiotics.
I have been taking care of Brennan.  I wish I could be down at the hospital supporting Rachel, but my little buddy needs me.  Ken brought him over before work this morning,and will pick him up around 5-5:30.  B is as cute as ever--always a good boy! Too bad it's cold, rainy and windy today, so we can't play outside!
Rachel sounded good when I talked to her, but I know she is tired and stressed.  Those of you praying for Charlie, please pray for his momma too!
Tomorrow I have another Herceptin infusion.  I think Ken will drop B off here in the morning, then Rachel might come here to hang out with B, give him lunch, and put him down for his nap; then she can leave. My mom will be here if Brennan wakes up before I get back, but I should be back in time.  You just never know how long it'll take to get the Herceptin--depends on how busy the cancer center and pharmacy are! The infusion itself only takes 90 minutes.
We had a nice Easter, but Charlie wasn't feeling well, so we didn't get to spend too much time with him.  At least my family got to meet him.   We were at my sister's house with my family for lunch.  I was very tired, so I didn't do much the rest of the day. The weather was beautiful, so Rich and I sat out on the deck for awhile reading and bird watching. I really don't do much for Easter, except go to church and get together with my family.  I'd like to spend more time with the grandkids--maybe I'll have to start a new tradition of having the kids over on Sat. for an egg hunt or something.  Next year it'll be my turn to have Easter here--my sister and I have been trading off.  Bless her heart for doing it this year!  My house is a mess--I have 2 years of projects waiting to be done, and although I've been feeling well, I've been busy taking care of Brennan!  I was no where near ready to have people over.
I never did hear about my MRI, but no news is good news.  I could have called, but I'm going in tomorrow, so I'll ask the nurses to look it up for me.  I got the results of my mammogram within 2 days--no changes there.  They compared it with past years and everything looks the same.
Please keep praying for Charlie!  Poor little guy is going to hate doctors and hospitals.

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