Friday, September 23, 2011

Awesome Charlie

Charlie had his heart surgery last Friday (9/16).  We were all very worried about his recovery--even his surgeon and doctors thought it was going to be a rough few days after the surgery.  They kept watching and waiting for things to get worse--but they never did!  5 days later, on Wed., he got to go home!  His blood pressure, lung pressure, everything---all ok!  It's a miracle, plain and simple.  Thank you so much for all your prayers!  God has plans for this sweet little boy.  He has very few restrictions--just can't pick him up under his arms, and of course, nothing should hit him in the chest.
Brennan went to a daycare for a few days, and I picked him up at 2:30.  He really liked it there.  He wore a little Elmo backpack--SO CUTE!  And Rachel even packed a lunch for him.  Just like a big boy.  He turns 2 on Monday!
He is such a good little boy.  But he really had enough of Grandma and just wanted to be home with his mommy, daddy and Charlie!  I felt so bad for him.  I took him down to the hospital one day and he was happy to see Charlie.  When Rachel and I took him out of the room he kept signing "Charlie" and just wanted to go back and see him.  Brennan has been very happy to have his brother home!
Check out Rachel's blog for more info on Charlie.  The link to "Love is Sugar Free" is on the right side of my blog.

Here's a picture of Charlie in the hospital on Tues., after he was moved out of ICU:

Here is B with his back pack:

That's all for now!


  1. Such a little doll in his pic
    And such blessing that little Charlie did so well
    Thank you God !!!

  2. I have read thru some of your blog.
    And you just amaze me with all you have been thru.
    I am getting Cytoxan & Taxotere and start tomorrow.
    I'm praying I do well with it ...which I doubt since I have the stomach of a baby. I even get carsick sometimes..Ughh

    I just cant get over how well little Charlie did and is home already....Gods blessings for sure !