Thursday, September 29, 2011

Cancer: The Gift That Keeps On Giving

The title of my blog is something you hear frequently in the cancer world.  It's not very often a person who has had cancer doesn't have some lingering side effects, either physical or psychological, or both.  I have been dealing with some painful side effects lately.  2 years ago I finished radiation for my colon cancer, and I am still suffering from the damage that caused.  It's not something I can talk about in too much detail, because it's just too personal, but I'll just say that some pretty tender tissues are fried!  And having 18" of colon removed causes some changes in the gastro system that contribute to the problem also.  I complain to my dear husband, and today I gave my nurse an earful!  I had to go in to get my port flushed, and my usual nurse, whom I adore, was there.  She started asking how I was doing and I said fine, except....then I told her everything, in detail.  It was SO NICE to be able to tell someone what's been going on with me.  And really, I wouldn't have told her so much, except, being the great nurse she is, she kept asking questions, and of course she will fill my oncologist in on everything too.  I told her I may be needing some more Percocet soon, as my bottle is a year old, so it's good that she will be filling the doc in on everything.  That way when I come asking for more drugs, he'll know why. :)  Percocet not only stops the pain, but it also slows down my system, which is helpful.
My shoulder has been hurting more lately, and that all started after my mastectomy.  I thought it was all better, but it started hurting again mid August.  Sometimes if I hold my arm a certain way for a while, when I move it, I get really sharps pains.  Like it gets stuck and it takes a bit for it to move without hurting again.  The pain is right in front of my shoulder socket--kind of a weird place.  Then the last few days it's started hurting up by the clavicle.  That is a spot that was hit by radiation, so that concerns me a little bit.  If either of these continue, I will go see my primary physician.
Then there is the ever present neuropathy.  There was an article recently about a study done on Oxaliplatin, which is the chemo that causes the most trouble with neuropathy.  It showed that in many cases, the neuropathy got worse for a few months after chemo, and is sometimes permanent.  They are finding that it is worse than they thought.  My neuropathy really is just a minor nuisance though.  I'm so thankful it isn't painful like some people's.
Who knew that cancer keeps giving and giving?  Sort of like the song that never ends...except this is the disease that never ends!
Ok, after all that negative stuff I just want to say that life is really good right now, and I count my many blessings everyday!  God is good, I'm alive, my cancer has not spread, my family is wonderful, and I have the 2 cutest grandsons ever!
Speaking of the boys, Charlie is healing really well from surgery.  Brennan is very happy to have his family all back together and at home!  He missed his brother! He gave him lots of hugs, and played with him a lot those first few days at home.    Charlie will be resuming physical, occupational and speech therapy 2 days a week next week, and starting preschool in 2 weeks!
May God bless you all!


  1. Tina,

    Hello! I am so happy that Charlie's surgery went well.

    Your new header photo is beautiful.

    Jennifer Dougan

  2. Cancer ain't nobody's dream of a wonderful life, that's for certain. Glad you have a good onc nurse who will listen carefully and ask good questions.

    Glad about Charlie doing well.

    BTW, sometimes a shoulder problem can be just that...a simple shoulder problem. It would be good to discuss that with your primary doc. I had a "locked" or "frozen" shoulder in my pre-cancer days...painful. But therapy returned it to normal. Hope that yours, too, is something simple like that.

  3. I am so sorry you are hurting hon
    But very happy you were able to talk with hubby and Drs about it.
    AND post it here to your blog. I know we really do hate to post things less then cheerful. But the truth is bad things are happening to some of us. We can not be happy and pain-free at all times.
    I was soooo excited to read that Charlie is doing so good AND going to preschool soon...Bless his heart. What a little trooper!!!

    I'm still trying to catch up on all my boggie friends from getting bad side effects with the first chemo..then I was doing so well once my Dr put me back on the steroids and I was hit with being admitted Wed night with pneumonia...Rrrrrrr I was so mad because I was finally feeling so good.
    So I was happy to get back here and read about Charlie.
    Your new header pic is beautiful !!

  4. Tina,..
    I wanted to stop by and see how you were doing hon.
    I will have the second chemo treatment tomorrow and if it's anything like the first I wont be up to reading and posting over the next week at moms.
    But I'll be back and catch up..I just wanted you to know I'm thinking and praying for you