Sunday, August 22, 2010

Well, I've been feeling really good lately.  I hope that doesn't end tomorrow!  I was going to say that it will end tomorrow, but I really don't know what this chemo is going to be like.  Even though other chemos I've had have hit me pretty hard, I shouldn't assume this one will too!
A few of the pastors and some others at my church prayed over me again.  Mark, the senior pastor, told me he wants to keep praying for me each time I make it in to church (which is most Sundays that I feel well enough).  There was a missionary from India there today, and he came over and prayed too, then he reminded me that a headache and cancer are all the same to God.  Cancer to us seems so much worse, but to God its all the same, and he is bigger than any illness.  It just was a reminder to me to keep my focus on God, not the cancer.  Of course I wish I didn't have to go through yucky stuff like chemo, but I do what I gotta do!
Its still so weird to me when people tell me I'm an inspiration.  Me? Seriously?  Everytime someone tells me that, I give thanks to God that He's allowed me to 'inspire" someone.  What an honor! It really makes what I've been through worth it.
I've had a busy week, and weekend.  My nephew got married to a wonderful girl on Sat.  The wedding was in Red Wing--what a beautiful view from the historic hotel where they were married!  Lots of windows with views of the river and bluffs--almost as pretty as the bride! :)  Its about an hour drive from here.  It was nice to be out having some fun.  I do have to say, however, that finding something to wear (not too low cut, and need a scarf to match) is not much fun these days.  Oh well, the important thing is I didn't let it stop me from going and having a good time.  It was nice to visit with people I haven't seen in a while.  Everyone was so kind and supportive.
Today was church, then lunch with Alyssa and Jaren, then some grocery shopping.  After that I didn't do much else--which was nice!  Oh--I made Rich some cookies, but not homemade--I used the pre-made cookie dough that you spoon onto a pan and bake.  Rich likes to keep a bucket of it the fridge--there is not much he likes better than warm chocolate-chip cookies!!  (no oatmeal, no nuts, etc--don't mess with his cookies!)  If I'm feeling well enough this week, maybe I'll make him some real ones--or some brownies--yum!  For Rich, it has to be chocolate!  :)  I have a new crock pot recipe I want to try too.  See?  I'm planning on feeling well enough to do something this week--not just lie in bed!!
I'm missing my baby girl--haven't heard from her the last few days.  Trying not to bug her, and just let her be "independent", but it sure is hard!!  Love you Shonna!
Tomorrow is going to be a looong day!  We have to be at Regions at 8:30, and the infusions will take several hours, because its the first time getting Taxol and Herceptin, so they go real slow to watch for reactions. I better get to bed!
Love and blessings!


  1. Prayers and hugs as you go into this next series of chemo.

  2. Praying that God will continue to bless you and use your cancer for His glory.