Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Neuropathy Getting Worse

I added a link to the side bar on my blog for the National Cancer Institute. The link takes you to the page about colon and rectal cancer. It is full of information and even has a risk assessment link. It also has info on prevention, genetics, treatment, etc. So check it out.
I think my neuropathy is getting worse instead of better. Before it was just the bottom of my feet that were numb and tingly, but now it has moved up to my ankle, esp. on my right foot. I came home from work a little early on Friday because my foot hurt and felt a little swollen and I wanted to put my feet up. Its still achy today, but not as bad as Friday. But it is still numb around the ankle. My finger tips feel a little more numb too.
I am so achy all over. I wonder if chemo somehow made my arthritis worse. I'll have to ask my doc when I see him in May.
I was really tired all weekend, which was a bummer because I didn't feel like I had a break before going back to work. Today I feel better--just my normal "tired after work" feeling.
I enjoy being at work, but I sure miss being able to do stuff with my daughters. Rachel has needed a babysitter a few times, and Shonna needed to go prom dress shopping (our weekends have been too busy and I'm too tired after work to hike around the mall!). Shonna decided to ask Alyssa to go with her today since I wasn't available. Haven't heard yet if she found anything.
Brennan's dedication on Sunday was very nice(No, its not the same as a baptism--he'll do that when he gets older!). We went to Rachel's after for snacks and cake. Brennan is so cute! He smiles and "talks" all the time now. He is sleeping in his crib now--he looks so tiny in it! Today Rachel said instead of napping he was talking to the cow painted on the wall!
Along with the tiredness this weekend I felt a little down. But that's done now--even tho I ache all over, its still WAY better than how I was feeling a few months ago! I just keep counting my blessings!
Love and Blessings!


  1. Tina, Neuropathy and Hand & Foot Syndrome has decided to pay Ron a visit. See my post- Week 6: "Slow Down."

  2. Just an FYI, when I did Oxaliplatin, 5fU and leucovoren in 2005 it caused me horrible joint and muscle pain. I think it's pretty common. Not sure if that's what you're on, but I know the nueropathy is a result of oxaliplatin...It does eventually get better, (though I still have more achy joints now then I used to before)

  3. My chemo causes neuropathy, too. So far it is minor but I notice my feet feel more "numb" on cold floors than when wearing warm footwear. I think a good warm soak helps alleviate immediate pain. But I seldom think to do so.