Thursday, March 4, 2010


Today I am home from work prepping for my colonoscopy tomorrow. I have been eating Jell-o, and drinking water, juice, tea, coffee. None of which has taken the edge off my hunger! My stomach is protesting--loudly! I have no energy, (even typing this is a chore!), and am getting a headache--which, of course, I can't take anything for, because I have an empty tummy! Thank goodness its only one day!
Ok, enough of my whining. The procedure itself isn't bad (esp. after they give you some "happy" drugs!), and should be interesting to see what the old colon looks like now that it is 18" shorter! I wonder if I'll be able to see where the surgeon reconnected it?
March is Colon Cancer Awareness month, and tomorrow (Friday, March 5th) is Dress in Blue Day, to raise awareness of this killer disease. Colon Cancer is the 2nd leading cancer killer in America! But its "Preventable, Treatable, Beatable" especially if caught early. Which is why you need to get your colonoscopy at 50 years old, and earlier if you have any unusual symptoms. I don't care how young you are, if you have changes in your bowels (blood and/or mucus in the stool, frequency, etc.) demand to get a colonoscopy done. I've heard stories of docs not recommending a colonoscopy because of a person's age--only to have that person find out much later (too late, in some cases) that they have colon cancer. Be an advocate for yourself--insist that you get one!
Well, I went back to work this week. I work 5 hours a day at the elementary school nearby. I work in first grade and kindergarten, and also do lunch and recess supervision. Thankfully, its been near or above 40 degrees each day this week, so being outside hasn't been too bad. Bright, sunny, and refreshing!
On my first day back my feet, legs, and hips hurt really bad by the end of the day. But it has gotten better each day. Learning all the kindergartner's names is definitely a challenge with my "chemo brain"! It was great seeing all my co-workers, and I got many hugs from the kids! I was a little nervous about starting back again, but once I got there, it felt as if I never left!
I have my stereotactic biopsy scheduled for Monday, March 29th. That is the first day of my Spring Break. The radiologist will be taking a sample of the calcifications in my left breast to see if its cancerous. Not too worried about the results, like I said before--I'm more annoyed than worried!
Why couldn't I have gotten cancer in my pinkie, or some other place that I could keep my clothes on for the tests? Sheesh! Oh well, I won't actually die from embarrassment, but I could die from undetected cancer! So better to suffer through the tests, than the alternative!

Wear blue tomorrow everyone!!

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