Thursday, March 25, 2010

Still Here...

I'm still here! :) I'm usually too tired to do much after work, and haven't felt like updating the blog. And there really isn't much new.
The neuropathy is still there--my feet up to my ankles feel numb, and the tips of my fingers, especially on my right hand, feel numb too. Cold makes them feel worse--I always have my slippers on! I was reading some forums on a cancer website, and it sounds like the neuropathy often gets worse before it starts getting better.
I have some VERY annoying bowel/"backside" issues, and some days it makes me crabby. I get tired of dealing with the same issues day after day. But when I start to get down, I stop and remind myself of all I've been through, and then I feel happy to just be alive. These things are minor problems compared to how bad things could be. My life has changed forever, and my body will never be the same as it was, but I am here enjoying each and every day.
Speaking of enjoying each I got to spend time with my wonderful little grandson! He's almost 6 months old now! He's getting a little more vocal, and letting everyone know his likes and dislikes, but he's still a joy to spend time with!
On Sunday, Rachel is having a bridal shower for Alyssa. It should be a lot of fun! Then next week I have Spring Break, but I won't be able to enjoy too much of it because on Monday I have my biopsy, and on Tuesday I plan on finishing my taxes. The rest of the week I'll be cleaning and getting ready to have my family over for Easter. Not sure yet if I'll make it to church on Easter; I'll probably have too much to do that morning. But that's ok...its not like I'm going to forget the significance of the day! Its because of Jesus' death and resurrection that I'll be able to spend eternity with Him! Then again, I'd really like to go--sigh--I can't make up my mind! Bridgewood is having a pancake breakfast, and Pastor Mark is going to play a centurion in a drama. It sounds like it'll be very moving. Rich is ushering at the 11:15 service, but I'd have to go to one of the earlier services. Easter services will be at 8, 9:30, and 11:15 if anyone wants to come!
I love Bridgewood church. They have been so good to me. They've prayed for me (and with me), made meals for us, and just made us feel loved and cared for. That's what a church should be like--they have shown me Jesus through their actions. I often ask God to richly bless them!
Work is going well. I get to read with the kids in reading groups alot and I love doing that. My feet get very sore some days! I get home, put them up and they are just throbbing. They get a little swollen too. I am very tired too, and don't get much done after work. Recess is ok on the nice days, but today was REALLY cold! Then I don't like it! I would gladly give up that part of my job. I just don't want to deal with the cold anymore (or the heat and humidity we have sometimes!). I've been praying about it a lot--seeing if God has something else for me.
Well that's my update! Thanks for checking in!
Blessings to all!

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