Friday, March 5, 2010

Good Lookin' Colon

Had my colonoscopy today. I'm so glad I can finally eat something other than Jell-o! The gastro doc (Dr. Jafri) talked to me about my surgery before he did the procedure and we talked about bleeding. He said radiation can often cause bleeding in the colon years later. It seems I'm always finding out something about the radiation that I didn't know before. Many effects are life-long. During the colonoscopy he showed me where the surgery was and we saw some of the red spots that cause bleeding from the radiation. There is a name for the condition--but I'm too lazy to go get my report now to look it up! If anyone REALLY wants to know--just ask and I'll let you know. The red spots are actually little blood vessels close to the surface and they bleed easily with any irritation or pressure.
I've heard that many people sleep through the procedure, but even though I get Fentynal and Versed (sp?), I always stay awake. They gave me an extra bump today during the test because it got a little uncomfortable. I probably didn't need any more drugs, but as soon as they see you're uncomfortable they quickly give you more!
I wondered why I needed to get a colonoscopy so soon--nothing has had a chance to grow in there yet. But it was good to take a look to make sure everything was ok after the surgery and radiation. Dr. Jafri wants me back in 3 years, but we'll see what my oncologist, Dr. Jahagirdar, wants. Hopefully he'll agree with Dr. Jafri!
Afterward we went to Perkins for breakfast. I didn't eat very much because my stomach was really hurting and bloated. We came home and I laid in bed, watched my soap, and fell asleep. Rich napped with me too for awhile. I feel pretty good now--but my tummy is still making lots of noise!
Well, that was probably more info than you wanted! I'm the type that likes lots of details when I read someone's blog--maybe some of you are that way too. :)

Blessings to all!


  1. I loved the details! Thanks. :-)

  2. It sounds like overall, it is very good news!
    Have a great weekend!

  3. Yay to good news and looking forward to three more years! :)