Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Chemo and Rachel

In the chemo room... I've got my stuff on tables on both sides of me and the floor! Rich gets the uncomfy little chair next to me!
In the patient room, waiting for Dr. Jahagirdar--hoping to get things started!

I finally had chemo today! I did the fist-pumping "Yes!" when Dr. J. said we could go ahead. I said that's probably a strange reaction to chemo! He told me he once had a lady in there that laid down on the little bed and said she wasn't leaving until he let her get chemo! Guess I'm not the only goof ball out there! Once again he had a "Fellow" with him and Dr. J said he had told him about my fast reaction to the neupogen shots. I said he tells everyone about that, and the doc laughed said something like "your special' . I'll probably have to start getting one each time I do chemo so we don't have to delay it because of my blood counts getting low. Since we know they probably will get low, we'll just do the shot ahead of time. That way I might be able to stay on schedule better. As things stand now, I will have my last treatment on Dec. 30th.

Right now I just have the usual yucky post-chemo feelings. Cold sensitivity (but not as bad as it will be after a few more rounds), yucky taste, foggy brain, slight headache from my eyes being goofy from the steroid. Nothing horrible. The C-diff test came back negative, but I might still have it. Dr. J is going to talk to a infectious disease doc to see if I should stay on the antibiotics for awhile, and it might be a lower dose. For now I'll keep taking what he gave me. Oh, and I got my lovely pump with me too! It will be disconnected Friday afternoon.

Now for Rachel: she had some contractions this morning and the doc thought she'd have the baby today, so they got everything ready. But by late morning the contractions stopped (they are giving her something to help them stop), and they will check her again around 5 and maybe move her out of labor and delivery (but not too far!). They have her on an insulin drip, because the steroid is making her blood sugars high. She hasn't been able to eat anything all day, but after they check on her at 5 they might let her eat supper.

So, that's the update!
Hope all is well with everyone else!
Love and blessings!!

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  1. You look so relaxed and ready in these photos.
    Is that the beginning of a smile I see?
    :) Glad your C-diff test was negative. One last thing to worry about!