Monday, September 28, 2009

Finally a Better Day

Today I finally started feeling a bit better. Its funny how doing something as mundane as the dishes is actually exciting! Especially for me, because I hate housework! Its just such a freeing feeling, to be up and around and not feel too bad. The nausea is ever present, but its bearable--keeping busy actually makes me forget about it, instead of making it worse, like the past few days.

I've been busy all day; rested a little when the nausea kicked in after lunch, but never even napped. I should be ready for a good long sleep tonight! Tomorrow I hope to get out of the house--hopefully to see my little g-baby. And I need to get to a store soon too--I want to get some things for Rachel and baby, and groceries. Rich and Alyssa have made a few trips to the store, but I only ask them to get essential items--I'd rather wait and get other stuff myself.

Thankfully the cold sensation issues haven't been too bad this round. I am able to drink water that has been sitting out on the counter--still cool, but not cold. I am starting to miss cold treats right about now. I keep thinking how good a popsicle or other frozen treat would taste! But maybe in a few more days I can have something frozen. I have been remembering to wear my gloves when I take stuff from the fridge or freezer.

I do not look forward to future rounds, but I try not to think about them. If I get overwhelmed I look at the Bible verses I've been collecting in a Word doc, and that helps calm my spirit.

Thanks Marge for the wonderful lasagna we had for dinner tonight--with plenty left over for another night or lunches! What a blessing!

Love and Blessings to all!


  1. Glad you are feeling better ... don't think about future rounds ... take one day at a time.

  2. Glad you enjoyed the lasagna Tina! I was glad to be able to help out. I am also happy to hear that you are feeling pretty good. Prayers are always coming your way!