Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Getting Ready

I set out my pudding, jello, and applesauce on the counter again--in anticipation of doing chemo tomorrow. Tomorrow will be 4 weeks since radiation, so I'm hoping all will be well enough to get chemo. My stomach (lower bowel, really) still bothers me a little, but not too bad. Last Thurs-Sat. I felt pretty good and had lots of energy (been organizing and cleaning out things!). Sunday I felt lousy again; more pain, diarrhea, tiredness. I made it to church and that's about all I did until evening, when I finally had enough energy to set up the new printer we bought (for wireless). I took some Tylenol, thinking it wouldn't help much and I'd take an oxycodone later, but the Tylenol actually worked! I've taken it yesterday and today, and feel much better. The bowels are getting back to normal, which means I should be able to do chemo tomorrow.

I haven't heard back from the doc whether or not I have the c-diff infection again (or still), but am still taking the antibiotics. I was going to call, but I'll probably just wait until I see him tomorrow.

Today Alyssa and I are going to the social security office to change her name. We've tried twice before at the St. Paul office (made Rich take us, of course!), but first time she didn't have the proper docs, and 2nd time there was a 2 hour wait! (I think that's what our health clinics will be like if we have gov't run healthcare!). This time we are going to the Brooklyn Center office, which is easier to get to, so I can drive there--they actually have a PARKING LOT, unlike all the buildings in the city where you have to have a ton of quarters and walk a few blocks. (Can you tell I'm not a city person??) I think we'll have to get lunch somewhere 1st--I'm getting hungry! I'll have something COLD. :))

I think I'm all ready for tomorrow. I'll pack my little bag with books, magazines, and snacks, and write myself a note to remember to put on my Emla cream in the morning (it numbs the port so it doesn't hurt when the needle goes in--I always forget to put it on). Rich is taking the day off to go with me. My appt. is at 10:30--1st they draw blood, then I see Dr. J., the oncologist, then I start chemo (after waiting awhile for the pharmacy to bring the chemo meds). I usually take a chair near the tv--sometimes I get lucky and get the remote. Otherwise it seems everyone wants to watch the "judge" shows--I don't really like them--I'd rather watch news. Sometimes there is a private room available, but I prefer to be out where I can see everything going on! And I have a hard time concentrating on movies, so I don't want to watch them either.
Well, Alyssa is ready to go, so wish me well tomorrow!
Love and Blessings!!

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