Thursday, July 22, 2010

Its My Birthday!

I turned 46 today!  Happy to have another birthday, but sad that its been 2 in a row that I've been too sick to celebrate.  I think we'll try to get out to eat this weekend, but that's about it.  I did have one request for today though--and that's a DQ log cake.  Rich brought me one after work, along with some flowers! 
I let the family (and God!!) know that next year I will be celebrating my 47th birthday cancer-free.   I'm already planning a family trip to Duluth!  Rich felt bad about not doing anything for me today, and I told him he'll be making up for it next year! :-)  Start saving those pennies now!
I started the day feeling pretty good, then after lunch I started having some nausea, and feeling tired.  Oh well, part of a day feeling well is better than none!
I did have some emotional moments too.  Some happy tears from all the love I was feeling from family and friends, and some sad tears because I'm soooooo tired of feeling sick and life passing me by.  But overall, its ok.  I know I just have to get through this, and God willing, I'll be done with this chapter of my life. Whatever God's will is for me, I'll get through it with His help!
Shonna wants to shoot some photos of my bald head--what do you think?  She brought this great book home from the library, called "Turning Heads  Portraits of Grace, Inspiration, and Possibilities". On each page there is a photo of a bald woman, and a short piece about her, in her own words.  By the time you are done reading the book, a bald woman seems a very natural thing.  No, I'm not going to start leaving the house without a scarf, but I'm getting more comfortable around the house "topless".  Rich and Shonna are ok with it too.  Rachel and Alyssa haven't seen me without a scarf as much, so it might look a little strange to them still.
Well, that's my little birthday update!
Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. Hello Tina....
    I just wanted to wish you A "Very Happy Birthday"!! I understand you are going through a rough time, but through it all it's another year. God is on our side!

    Peace & Blessings" Enjoy your DQ Log Cake.. haven't had one of those in a log time. It's hot I think you gave me a good idea!!

    Alli xxx

  2. I'm sorry I missed your birthday. I was so self absorbed with my own birthday, happy to celebrate my 48th and so happy to be alive to see it, and now welcoming a brand new baby granddaughter into our lives. There is so much to celebrate!

    Happy birthday girlfriend. I'm so glad you made it!