Tuesday, July 6, 2010

A LONG week!

Well, I see I haven't written since last Wed.  The "yucks" were just starting to set in at that time...seems like a loooong time ago!  Thurs., Friday, and Sat. were spent just as expected--just trying to get through each day, spending a lot of time in bed.  Sat. morning I managed to get out for a very short shaky-legged walk, and in the evening Rich took me on a little drive and we got a DQ.  Unfortunately I've been craving chocolate malts--which is unusual for me!  Looks like I won't be losing as much weight this time around!  Sunday morning I still felt like crap, and when I took a shower I started to black out--literally eyes going dark.  Rich came in and helped me get to the bed, and I layed in front of the fan for a bit.  We debated calling my oncologist--it was the 4th, and I didn't want to spend time in the ER (not that I was going to do anything else that day!).  I've also had some chest congestion and a cough for over a week--I was concerned that might have had something to do with the blacking out.  I just took it easy the rest of the day.  Rich went to Jaren's parent's house for their 4th of July party, and I stayed home and played Facebook games!  (don't worry--he called and texted me often, and he was only 5 min. away!).  The next day, yesterday, I felt light-headed again in the shower, but caught it quickly so I didn't start losing vision.  Again, I layed down for a bit.  Then, since my hair has been coming out in handfuls, Rich and I went out on the deck and he cut it short, and buzzed the back with his trimmers.  Later I went out to the garage to watch the heavy rain with Rich, and felt woozy, and had to go sit down.  By this time I also had a little fever (99.5), so I thought I better call the doc.  I spoke with the on-call nurse (everything was closed yesterday!), and she was concerned about my heart and wanted me to come in right away.  She even said the safest thing to do would be to call 911 and take an aspirin.  Ummm, no.  I was worried about my heart, because one of my chemo drugs can cause heart problems (though supposedly rare), but didn't feel I was having a heart attack.  So Rich took me down to Regions ER.  The nurse had let them know I was coming, and because of possible heart issues, I got taken in within a few minutes.  I wore a scarf for the first time--one with a cap attached because my hair is falling out all over.  I felt guilty and that people were thinking--oh sure, the cancer lady gets to go right in....Although no one probably even noticed. Anyways--long story short (sort of!)--I spent several hours there, and didn't find out much!  I think the light-headedness is low blood pressure from the chemo.  My bp did go pretty low once while I was there (99/45ish).  The heart and chest were ok.  The biggest problem they found, and what took so long, was my white blood cell count was extremely low.  It took awhile because it was so low they ran it again to make sure.  The ER doc called one of the on call oncologists(my onc's partner) to discuss what to do.  They said I could go home, if I felt ok doing so, and they would talk to my onc. in the morning and he would call me.  So I came home, with strict orders to come back if my temp reached 100.4 (I always wonder where they come up with that number?), or if I had a near fainting spell again.
When I got home I took some Tylenol (for a different pain), and about an hour later I was feeling sort of "agitated"--tense, uncomfortable.  Took my temp, and sure enough it was going up--100.2!  But I was tired, Rich needed to sleep and go to work in the morning, and by the time I got to the ER, the temp would probably be down from the Tylenol!  So I went to sleep!  I figured I could deal with it in the morning! 
My temp was in the mid 99's all morning (normal for me is mid 97's), and I finally called my onc to see if he had all the info from last night.  His nurse called me back.  He prescribed an antibiotic because of the fever, and the fact that I have no wbc's to fight an infection. 
So, that's all I know.  I feel better today, and didn't have any woozy spells.  Still lack of energy, but was able to move around and do a few things.  I feel MUCH better being on an antibiotic (altho he always gives me the scary one with all the warnings!  Its called Levaquin).  I finally took some Tylenol, and that brought my temp down and helped me to feel better too.
Rich and I just went out for a short walk--thought I could do the block, but legs got shaky and started sweating not far from home.  But any moving is a good thing.  I don't know what my platelets are, but I worry about blood clots, since I had one last summer.
I am soooooooo disappointed to be feeling this crappy 8 days out from my last chemo.  There are things I need to do!  Really frustrated...
I want to say thanks to my sis for bringing us meals almost every night last week!  We were well fed, and had lots of leftovers.  She calls whenever she's out and about to see if I need anything (Sunday I "needed" a choc. Frosty from Wendy's!).  Today she picked up my prescription for me. The wonderful peeps at church sent a meal the week before, and a neighbor also sent some food over!  How nice to be thought of!  I continue to get the occasional card and e-mail too---just friends and family making sure I know they are still thinking about me. 
Speaking of family, my cousin is in MN for the first time in 8 years, and having a grad party for her daughter.  Its about 2 (3?) hours away in the Rochester area.  I am hoping to go (its Sat.), but now I'm not so sure if I'll feel like it.  I SHOULD feel like it--but unfortunately things never work out the way they SHOULD with this cancer crap!  (Did I mention I was frustrated?)
Tomorrow night I am going to a class called "Look Good, Feel Better".  Its a popular class put on by the Am. Cancer Soc.  They teach you make up tips (how to draw on eyebrows, etc.), and hair loss tips.  I'm hoping they will teach me how to tie scarves.  Alyssa has been practicing with the scarf she got (matches one of mine), so I asked her to go with me.  I'll get a bunch of make up to bring home too.
Thursday I have another bra fitting.  Insurance pays for 6 a year, and I only have 1 good one (bra that is! lol!).
I find myself going to my list of Bible verses at the top of this page quite often.   On my worst "out of it" days, I unfortunately don't feel like praying much either--not because of any 'issue" I have with God, just because I don't care much about anything.  But I am often awake in the middle of the night, and that is when God reminds me to talk to Him.  I'll admit to a bit of "why me" lately--but as soon as I even think that I am reminded that He is with me ALWAYS, and watching over me.
Thanks for checking in!
God's blessings to all!
ps  Watch for my next post with pics of Rich cutting my hair!


  1. Sorry to hear it was such a rough weekend. It helps all of to know how to keep praying for you. Keep your gift of faith working. We love you! Tom

  2. Wow. You've really been through it! Hope things are going better for you now. Sending prayers and hugs your way....

  3. Tina I know you have been through this chemo nonsense before. Don't fight the fatigue. When you are tired or woozy lay down. There is no where that says we have to act like "Superwoman" I didn't listen to the signs and ended up in hospital over a period of time for 32 days. When you WC is low and you have a fever get to the emerg. There are no heros if you get really sick very quickly. Tina take it easy......
    Peace & Blessings Alli..xx