Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Not Much Going On

It's been a slow week so far.  Even though the worst days of this round are over, I still don't have any energy.  Anytime I do anything I feel very weak.  My heart was pounding just from taking Sadie outside!  I did manage to do a tiny bit of cleaning, and that at least made me feel better mentally.  This chemo really hits me hard!  I didn't think anything would be worse than the FOLFOX I had last year, but I think this is, because I have fewer days with any energy.  The good part about AC is that there are only 4 rounds, instead of 12! 
I still haven't made an appt. with the radiology doc to find out whether or not I have to do radiation.  There is no hurry, as it wouldn't start until after the 12 weeks of Taxol.  That would make it around the beg. of Nov., I think.  It just would be nice to know.
I had a bit of a fever on Monday, so I assume my wbc's were low again.  I had some back pain from the Neulasta on Tues., and that usually means its working to build my wbc's back up.  So, all in all, this week has been better than this time last round.  I did "lay low" for a few days, and avoided stores and such.  But I'm probably ok now.
I like to use my blog to thank those that have been supportive of me.  A wonderful friend from work (Lynn) brought us a yummy meal Mon., and a neighbor brought over some freshly baked treats!  I also very much appreciate the cards I get from a teacher I work with--so nice to be thought of!  Thanks to everyone that continues to pray for me, and sends me cards and e-mails.  All are VERY much appreciated!
Of course my sister has still been feeding us a ton.  Oh!  Can't forget to thank my sister-in-law for the pretty earrings!  They are perfect!  And will look great with one of my scarves :)
Well, that's my little update!
Love and Blessings!


  1. I'm thinking of you as you slug it out during this treatment! (I, myself, have been through chemo twice now.) And glad that you have family and friends supporting you as you go through this tough time. That is such a blessing! Prayers and hugs!!!!

  2. Happy Birthday to you and Ron!
    Yep. Hubby's is today, July 22nd.
    Sounds like you both have lots of love and prayers surrounding you.