Friday, September 10, 2010

Everything Hurts!

The pain started yesterday.  Started the same way it did last time--I start to get a little achy in the morning, and by evening I hurt all over.  I took 2 Percocets last night, and that didn't even take the pain away!  But it does take the edge off, so its bearable.  I ache all over, but the worst is from the hips down.  I really want to know what it is about the Taxol that causes this pain.  I'll try to remember to ask my onc. next time I see him.  I couldn't find anything online about it--other than that Taxol does cause pain, but not why or how.
Yesterday I was really tired too. That happened last round too--one day of being really tired all day.  Today I've hardly been able to get out of the recliner, but that's mostly because I was awake a lot last night, and the drugs are making me really "out of it" this time.  I'm hoping (and praying!) that I'll just have a few days of this, then several days of feeling good!
We have almost finished painting the bathroom.  I think the painting is done--just some clean up left now.  Rich did most of the work.  I wanted a light purple color, but its more like a light purple-ish pink. We are going to leave it for now, and buy the purple towels and rug that I want.  We'll live with it for awhile, and maybe add one coat of a little darker paint.  I really want to get Shonna's old room (my new office/spare room!) painted soon too!  I just have to decide what color I want.
Shonna is doing well at college--making friends and finding her way around.  She's been a little sick, but is starting to feel better.  I really miss her--its been a month since I've seen her!!  This is harder than I thought!
There was a lot more I wanted to say, but my eyes are having trouble focusing--better give them a rest. :)
God is GOOD!

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  1. Tina, If you are in that much pain again... please go to the ER!!! They can give you something in an IV or through your port.
    You should not have to suffer. Keeping you in prayer.