Sunday, September 12, 2010

Good Weekend

In spite of my pain, I had a good weekend.  For one thing the weather was gorgeous--sunny and 70's!
Saturday, Rich, Alyssa, and Jaren were going to go to Eddington's for lunch (a soup place) then to the Grand Opening of Lifeway Christian Bookstore (formerly Northwestern Books).  I was in pain from the chemo, and taking Percocet, so I figured I should stay home.  Rich wanted me to go with, so I thought about it and decided I could sit home by myself and be in pain, or I could get out of the house, spend time with my family,  and be in pain.  If I needed to, I could sit in the van while the others were in the store.  It turned out pretty well.  I had some soup and yummy breadsticks, then went to the store I LOVE (and spend too much money at!).  Being around others and doing something I enjoyed actually took my mind off the pain, so it didn't bother me so much.  Rich found some chairs in the store and pointed them out to me, so when standing got to be too much, I had a place to sit down.
There is a store next to the bookstore that is a consignment home goods store.  I think it's called Turnstyle.  Shonna said there is one in Roseville too (we were in Coon Rapids).  I have been trying to figure out what color I wanted to paint Shonna's old room ( my new "spare" room), so I wanted to look for a picture to hang on the wall and get my color ideas from that.  I found a great painting, with a neat frame for only $20.  The frame alone is worth more than that.  It has greens, yellows, blues, and peach in it.  I was very excited to find it.  I also found 2 metal pictures for the kitchen.  I am really bad at buying stuff to decorate the house, so I was very happy to have made these purchases!
Today I got up late (after 9!), and didn't think I'd make it to church. Rich said it was ok if we went late, if I wanted to go.  I figured if I could be out shopping I could make it to church!  I could always go out to the lobby area if sitting got too uncomfortable. Again, I'm glad I went.  I always feel better after some good praise and worship songs!  I did have to sit down for awhile during worship, and near the end I had to take another pain pill.  After church we ate lunch at Wendy's (with Alyssa and Jaren), then Jaren had to go to work so Alyssa went to Wal-mart with us.  I needed to pick up a few things, and also wanted to look to see if they had any nice purple bathroom stuff.  I know Kohl's has some stuff I kinda like, but I want to look at some other stores too to see what they have.  I also need some pictures or wall hangings of some sort for the bathroom.
After we got home, Rich and I sat out on the deck for a bit to enjoy the beautiful day.  I finally got around to cutting clumps of hair off the dog--there was dog hair flying around everywhere!
I'm so blessed to have such a wonderful, supportive husband!  He helps me to get out and do things, even though I could end up being a big inconvenience--like if I started feeling sick and wanted to go home in the middle of a shopping excursion.  He's become a very patient man!  We just celebrated our 26th anniversary!  We always joke that some of my relatives probably bet money that we wouldn't last very long.  Well, I can tell you, without God in our lives we definitely would not have made it this far!  But I'm so glad we did!!
Tomorrow I get my weekly infusion of Herceptin.  I'm not supposed to drive while taking the pain pills, so in the morning I will just take ibuprofen.  Then I'll drive to Rich's work, and from there he'll drive to the hospital.
We'll probably get a little lunch after, and when I get home I'll be babysitting Brennan for a few hours.
I'm hoping to feel good this week so I can get some more stuff done around here.  There is so much organizing and cleaning I'd like to get done.
Well, time for bed!
Hope everyone has a WONDERFUL week!

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  1. Except. The Turnstyle in Roseville is mostly clothings. So maybe they are different?
    Glad to hear you still like papa after 26 whole years of NEVER BEING APART EVER. I still like him, too.