Sunday, September 19, 2010

Tomorrow is #3 and #5

Tomorrow (Monday) I will have Taxol tx # 3, and Herceptin tx #5.  It will be a long day as usual. Last time was 7 hours!  It will be a little shorter tomorrow if Dr. Jahagirdar is on time...but chances of that are slim! :)
We have to be at Regions Cancer Center at 8am!  Ugh! That means I have to get up around 6!  It doesn't take me too long to get ready, though, without any hair to style. :P And I could just drink a Slimfast for breakfast.  It doesn't hold off the hunger very long, but then we could get cinnamon rolls at the cafe at Regions!  I usually have a little bit of time after seeing the onc to get some food if I want.  He doesn't order the drugs (chemo, etc.) until I see him and he checks my blood counts, and then it takes a little bit for the pharmacy to get the drugs sent over.
I will have only half the Benedryl because I haven't had any reaction to the Taxol so far.  I'm going to see if we can reduce the steroids too, so maybe I can actually get some sleep tomorrow night!  My nurse, Andrea, said we will do the Benedryl drip slower this time, since I had got so woozy from it last time.
I don't know how she remembers so much!  She puts a post-it on a private room to save it for me, she remembers that I like to plug my nose when getting the saline flush (otherwise I can taste it and it tastes terrible!), she knows I need a tegederm patch over my port because the other one makes me itch, and now she remembers that I like a bandaid on my port after I am done because the tape she used to use made me itch.  The nurses there are all angels!  One nurse that I used to have, and still chat with, is a breast cancer survivor herself.  And she just recently had a recurrence.  We've had a lot to talk about when we see each other.
Other news:  I'm selling Avon again!  I've been an Avon Rep off and on for about 20 years.  I quit about 2 years ago, and Rachel took over my "Avon Empire" (as she put it!).  Well, she has since quit, so I decided to start again!  I just can't stay away.  Many friends and family members are happy to have their Avon lady back.  If you would like my website address, please send me an e-mail to, and I will e-mail you back with a link to my website, and a free shipping code.
Hope the week ahead holds many blessings for all of you!

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