Tuesday, September 28, 2010

A Surprise, a Birthday, and a Visit!

Guess who came to visit on Sunday?  Shonna!!  I haven't seen her since she left on Aug 8th!  She called us at 11:15 Sat. night and said she was going to drive all night to spend the day with us Sunday.  She got in at 6:45am Sunday, and left at 6:30 Monday morning.  It was soooo nice to see her.  Her sisters were very surprised and happy to see her.  She went to Brennan's birthday party, then spent the rest of the afternoon and eve with a few of her friends.
Yes, Brennan turned one!  Rachel had family over for a little party on Sunday afternoon.  He loved being the center of attention!  What a cutie.  I will be watching him 3 days again this week.  Alyssa usually comes to help a little, if she is not too busy.  It's hard to find enough stuff for him to do here.  I need to buy him some more toys!  Rachel would like it if I didn't go back to work, so I could continue to babysit.  She even said she'd pay me.  Sure is tempting!  She and Ken are continuing the process of adopting little "Joshua" (not his real name) from E. Europe.  They may have a fundraiser at our church in December.  I'll be sure to let you all know the details!
Today I went up to the school for a little visit.  I had an Avon order to drop off, and a stack of Avon books.  I was there about 2 hours in the lounge visiting with everyone.  It was nice to be out socializing, and laughing!  What a wonderful group of women!  I will be going up there every 2 weeks to drop off orders and books.  Everyone said I looked good, and thought I looked good in scarves.  I said my biggest dilemma is whether or not to wear mascara on my 3 eyelashes I have left!  (actually I have about 3 on one eye and maybe 6 on the other!) 
Speaking of that, my eyebrows are still there, but very thin.  My leg hair is growing slowly, so I shave about once every 2 weeks.  I'm not sure about the hair on my head, it might be growing, but its hard to tell.  I should shave a little patch so I can watch the progress!  I have a lot of 1-2" hair left that never fell out, so its hard to tell if something is growing.  Sure looking forward to getting rid of the scarves!
My neuropathy continues to get worse on my feet.  :(  But other than that, and some tiredness, I'm doing pretty well!  The 4 or 5 days of bone pain are done now, and each day this week I should have a little more energy.
Well, Rich is home from work with some pizza, so I better go eat!
Love and Blessings!

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