Thursday, September 23, 2010

Taxol #3 Update

Just a little update on me.  The Taxol pain set in yesterday.  It starts as mild aches and pains, and ibuprofen helps, but by evening I need Percocet.  Tonight I need 2 percocet!  But at least 2 works pretty well.  Just minor pains now.
I've been watching Brennan alot lately.  This is becoming his 2nd home!  Rachel has been picking up extra shifts to make money for the adoption.  But she said she's only going to pick up one extra shift a week from now on.  She wants more time at home with her little boy, and just more time in general!  I love having him here, even when I don't feel well.  My mom is here too, to help when I need to sit for a bit.  Alyssa comes when she can to help also.  Brennan is taking steps on his own, and growing so fast!  He is so funny--he loves to make us laugh!
My dream would be to take the rest of the school year off and babysit my grandson as often as needed!  In the spring, when Rachel and Ken have to go to get their new son, I would be able to take care of Brennan while they are gone, and then I'll have a new grandson to take care of when they bring him home!  Maybe if everyone buys Avon from me, I'll be able to afford to take the time off!  Well, that'd be ALOT of Avon! :)
I talked to Shonna for a bit today.  Don't talk to her as often as I would like.. Neither of us are much for phone conversations!  She has been busy this week and is enjoying herself.  God is showing her some wonderful things and revealing Himself to her.  Can't wait to go down to see her in a few weeks!
I miss spending time with Alyssa too.  She is a busy young wife, cheerleading coach, and student!  Last year she was living here and we had a lot of time together.  I'm thankful for that time we had, and I'm glad both her and Rachel live so close!  When Shonna comes home we should plan some "girl time", no hubbies, or babies!
Well, time to get ready for bed.  I've been sleeping in the recliner, but I go back to bed with Rich and we listen to a radio program on the Ipod.  We've been listening to old Dragnet and Superman shows lately.
Hope everyone has a great Friday!

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