Monday, September 13, 2010

Herceptin #4

I wish I knew how many total treatments of Herceptin I will have, so I could do a "countdown".  I know it's a year, but is it a year exactly?  And now I'm getting the infusions weekly, but I will probably switch to every 3 weeks after the Taxol is done. Oh well. No big deal.  Maybe I can get more details from the onc (like is it exactly a year) and then I can sort of count down months or something.
My infusion was at 11 today.  Before my nurse, Andrea, got started, she sat down with me and asked about side effects of the Taxol.  I told her about the pain, that it was like last time, and I've been taking Percocet for it.  She said if the Percocet doesn't work, I should call and let them know and there might be something else they can give me.  I hope it doesn't come to that because I really don't want anything stronger!  There were times when I had to take 2 Percocets, and I could still feel the pain, but it helped enough that the pain was bearable.  Most of the time I just took one and sometimes 1 and a half.  This morning about 5:30 I just took a half a pill because I had to drive at 10:30.  I didn't have much pain at all, just a little achy most of the day.  I took some ibuprofen with lunch, and could probably use some more now.  Maybe I'll wait and take a Percocet at bedtime to help me sleep.  The pain always seems worse when I'm trying to sleep.  I usually end up in the recliner because laying down makes my legs hurt more.
We (Rich and I) asked Andrea if she knew what Taxol was doing that caused the pain.  She said some (docs maybe?) think its more like nerve pain, but some say its actually bone pain.  The Taxol irritates the nerves or bones somehow.  I have heard of some people getting meds for nerve pain to help with the Taxol pain.  I'm fine with Percocet, as long as it keeps working. 
When the pain started Thurs. night it was real bad, and I was worried it would be much worse this time, or last a lot longer.  I don't know if I could handle it if it was so bad the pain meds didn't help.  I guess I could always get stronger drugs, or like one friend told me, go to the ER.   Its just kind of scary when it starts.  It seems maybe a little worse than last round, but has lasted the same amount of time.
My neuropathy is getting worse, and of course I always worry about that being permanent.  Although I should remember that I have had prayer several times, and someone usually prays that God will restore my body, and take away all the damage that has been done by the cancer and the treatment.
Brennan was here again today, and will be tomorrow too.  He is such a busy little guy--he walks around the furniture carrying his plastic hammer and talking up a storm.. Then he makes his way to the bookcase and pulls a bunch of books off and sits and "reads" them!  So busy!
Rachel has been working more to make extra money for the boy they want to adopt.  They have made a commitment to a 3 year old boy with down syndrome that is in an orphanage in Eastern Europe.  He will need heart surgery right away.  He is a happy boy, but hasn't been allowed to do anything physical because of his heart.  He'll need a lot of p.t. and o.t. after his surgery.  It costs a lot of money to adopt him, and then they will have to miss a lot of work to be out of the country to finalize the adoption.  It probably won't happen until next March, but I'm praying it happens sooner!  In the meantime Rachel is trying to raise money by having some fundraisers.  She is having a garage sale at my sister's house near the Elementary school on Thursday and Saturday.  Some people have donated stuff, and all the money will go for the adoption. If you are in the area please stop by!! Please consider financially supporting this little boy so he can get his heart surgery!  The special needs kids in the E. European countries that don't get adopted get put into institutions at the age of 4 or 5 and they often die soon after.  And whether you are able to help financially or not, please pray for the little guy  (Ken calls him "Littlekid").  We are all so excited to have him in our family!!
Well, its been a tiring day--hoping I can sleep better tonight, and have a bit more energy tomorrow!
May God bless all my readers!


  1. ps: like the new blog layout!

  2. If it helps any..when I read your blog I get sympathy pains. Very interesting re bone pain or nerve pain. I'm more inclined to think nerve. For me it didn't feel like bone was more in the tissue. If that makes sense.