Monday, October 18, 2010

Herceptin #8, and a Visitor!

Well, I've been busy, and that's a good thing!
Last Tues. I had my 8th Herceptin infusion.  I seem to get some side effects from it.  I felt generally "yucky" the rest of that day, and the next.  Tired, and some nausea.  The onc and nurse said there really aren't any side effects from herceptin, but I did some looking online, and found the prescribing info for the drug.  It lists many side effects:
"The most common side effects associated with Herceptin were fever, nausea, vomiting, infusion reactions, diarrhea, infections, increased cough, headache, fatigue, shortness of breath, rash, low white and red blood cells, and muscle pain."  From
So, yes, there is side effects!  One that is not listed, but I have heard from nearly everyone on it, is a drippy nose!  This Wed., I will have a larger dose, over 90 minutes.  I will be switching from weekly infusions to every 3 weeks.  I hope the larger dose doesn't make me more sick!
Also on Wed., I will get my simulation done for radiation.  They will scan me, tattoo me, and make a pillow mold of my head and arm.  Then sometime next week (not sure when yet) I will start radiation.  I get tired just thinking about the daily trip to Regions for 6 weeks!  Oh well, I've been through worse!  But I really want to be DONE.
This past weekend Rich and I were supposed to go to KC to visit Shonna.  Well, she came up here instead!  She got here about 1:30 am Friday morning.  Rich took the day off and did some raking, and then we went to lunch and the dr. (Rich's diverticulitis is acting up again).  Then Fri. night he went to a buddy's house for a "guys night".  They went to the high school football game.  Alyssa was there coaching her cheerleaders.  Her dad, father-in-law, and husband all visited her!  I had a quiet evening at home!  Shonna was visiting friends most of the day.  On Sat. Shonna, Rich, Alyssa, Jaren, Rachel, Brennan, and I all went to the apple orchard!  It was so fun to be all together like that.  We were just missing Ken.  Rachel and Brennan left after the first orchard, then the rest of us went to lunch and to another orchard before heading home.  I was tired and sore the rest of the evening, but it was so worth it!  Bought some Fireside apples, and of course APPLE DONUTS!  Yum! Sunday we went to church together, and I made Shonna's favorite lunch--spaghetti with "curly" noodles (Rotini), and slices of cheese.  (I started putting slices of colby on the table when they were kids because they ate the noodles with butter and salt, instead of the meat sauce--it got some protein into them!)  She left shortly after lunch to go back to KC.
Today I organized my make-up in the bathroom cupboard--it was starting to be a big mess, and I didn't know what I had anymore.  There is a lot of other things I hope to get organized/sorted too!  I'm starting to feel stronger and have more energy, so time to get things done!
Have a Blessed week everyone!!

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  1. :) Glad you've had some special family time. That is so important.