Saturday, October 2, 2010

Longing for Hair...

 on top of my head, on my eyelids, in my nose....sigh.  I've heard eyelashes grow back fairly quickly, but its been like, over a week.  I guess not that quickly.  And the nose annoying!  Nothing to slow down the drips that the Herceptin causes!  Must have Kleenex with me at ALL times!  My poor nose is getting sore.  I've been wondering what is getting in my sinuses, without hair to filter stuff out?  Dust, dog hair?  This can't be good.
What do you think of all the pink in the stores?  I find it annoying.  Sort of.  Breast cancer awareness is good.  But all those companies making money off of it?  I don't like that.  Make sure you "Think before you pink".  Read the fine print and find out how much they really donate, and to whom.  Most companies have a limit on how much they give, and some aren't even giving anything--they are just "raising awareness".  By the way, I have read about the Avon Foundation, and they really do give alot of money, and they sell several products that have ALL proceeds going to research.  I had to do some research about it, before I could promote their Breast Cancer (pink) items.  They also give money to fight domestic abuse, another good cause.
So, with all the pink in the stores, and everyone being so aware of breast cancer right now, I told Rich I sort of feel like the poster child for bc here in town.  Here I am with a scarf and no eyelashes in the stores with all the pink stuff.  Just makes me feel a little more "noticed".  And I prefer to "blend in"!
Feeling pretty good these days.  There are lots of annoying little problems (well, neuropathy isn't so little, I suppose), but no major pain or anything.  Until my next chemo anyway.  My LAST chemo is Tuesday!!  (not Mon. this time)  I will be very happy to be done with that!  Its not quite as exciting as last year when I finished chemo, because last year I was completely done (or so I thought, anyway).  This time I still have 6 weeks of rads to go through.  But still exciting, nonetheless (is that supposed to be one word?)
In a few weeks I will have my radiation simulation (where they map everything out and give me more tattoo dots), and then radiation (rads) will start soon after that.
I REALLY need to start exercising to get my strength back!  And to lose weight. I hope to start doing something regularly after the pain subsides from my next treatment.  I keep toying with the idea of getting up around 6 am when Rich is up and going for a walk with him.  But its so hard for me to get motivated that early, before shower, breakfast, and coffee.  We'll see.
Boy is it chilly here.  Only 64 in the house.  The furnace is set so it will come on if it gets lower than that.  I just might turn it up for a little bit this evening.  My fingers and nose are cold!!  Gorgeous Fall day though!  And next week is supposed to be in the 60's and 70's all week--perfect!!  Rich and I will have to get out for some drives to see all the Fall colors.
Prayer request: please pray for the little boy Rachel and Ken are going to adopt.  Pray for him to get lots of love, his health, and that this adoption would go smoothly and quickly!  We are so excited to welcome him into our family!
Shonna prayed for $400 to go on a mission trip (costs $500+).  She (and I did too) told God if this is what He wanted then He needed to pay for it.  She received $550 from friends!!  God is SO GOOD!  He is doing amazing things in KC!  She also got a job at a local library, near where she is living in KC.  She worked at a library near here for 2 years, so she has plenty of experience.
Well, that is my little update~Hope everyone is having a great weekend!
Blessings to all of you!!


  1. I agree, Tina. All the pink is annoying. No offense to the cancer patients out there... but its' not the only cancer. In fact, lung cancer and colon cancer kills more people. I am sure some companies have a good heart, but most are just out to make a buck. Thanks for the update on your health and your family. Love ya.

  2. Now I don't feel so badly for being annoyed by PINK and pink ribbons. :-)