Friday, October 8, 2010

Smiling Through the Pain!

The title sounds a little dramatic, but I am smiling, and I am in pain, so it works! :0)  I woke up feeling very happy this morning.  Hardly slept at all, and have a lot of pain from the taxol, so maybe its the drugs I'm on :)  I am actually very tired, but the Percocet is working pretty well for the pain, and I'm just so darn happy to be done with chemo!  And its a beautiful fall day!  Going to be 80 degrees out today!  My backyard is full of colorful trees, and the birds are busy at my feeders on the deck.
Tuesday, at my last chemo, I was filmed for a cable tv program!  I don't think I've even told my girls about this yet--I keep forgetting about it. I was moved to a private room for chemo when one became available, and a woman in a business suit came in to talk to me.  She told me about this cable program (called "Knowledge of  Wellness" or something like that), and that they were going to be filming people with the therapy dogs.  At first I said "no, I don't think so", but then I asked a few more questions, and said ok!  I was ok with it as long as they weren't going to be interviewing me or asking me questions.  I just had to look happy to see the therapy dog ("Chilly", whom I had met before), and that was easy, because I love the therapy dogs!  Chilly even got to come up on the bed with me and lay down.  I chatted with his handler, and enjoyed petting him.  Oh, he is a big Afghan --very soft and pretty, and a little "aloof", but enjoyed laying on my bed--he kept trying to lay on top of my legs and sort of  "take over" the bed!  Anyways, someone will contact me when its going to be on tv--pretty cool!
Tuesday night I had a stomach ache, and didn't sleep much at all from the steroids; Wed., I had to go get my Neulasta shot, and felt ok until evening when the steroids wore off and I got really tired.  Yesterday was my "crash" day.  I was very tired and in a bit of a fog all day.  And the achiness started to set in.  By bedtime I had to start taking the percocet for the pain.  Not sure why I didn't sleep much last night.  I was in the recliner (my hips and legs hurt less there), but was awake most of the night.  I kept "singing" praise and worship songs all night in my head.  Maybe that's why I'm so happy this morning. 
My dog, Sadie, started whining about 3 am.  She needed to go out!  Not sure what that was all about.  But she is getting older, and can't always wait like she used to.  So I got up and took her out at 3:30!  I had my robe on and I just opened the back garage door and let her go do her business wherever.  Usually we take her to certain areas of the yard, but at 3:30 am I don't really care where she goes!
Wow, I'm really starting to ache now.  Shoulders, hips, knees--might need another pill.  Then maybe I should take a nap.
I get my Avon order today--I'm happy to be selling it again.  And I'm proud of the company and the amount of money they donate to breast cancer and domestic abuse.  If you would like to see my website, just send me a note ( and I will send you the link to my Avon website. You can see the current brochure and sale flyers on there.  I can also send you an e-mail for free shipping.  There isn't any obligation to buy.  Sometimes its just fun to look--sort of "window shopping" on the internet!  And I won't send you anything else unless you want me too.  I don't bother people, I just like to let people know I sell it, in case they've been looking for an Avon Lady.
Rachel, Brennan, and my sister are on their way down to Kansas City to visit Shonna!  Hope B does ok with the 7 hour drive!  Rich and I are planning on going next weekend, but Shonna might come here instead.  She got a job at a library down there and she's not sure if she'll have to work next weekend. I was looking forward to a road trip, yet it would save us a lot of money if she came here instead.  So we'll see...
Hope everyone has a great weekend!  I'm going to make sure I get out and sit on the deck for a bit today.  Supposed to cool down quite a bit next week!

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