Saturday, October 3, 2009

Pretty Easy Round

This 1st round was pretty easy. I thought it might be a little worse because I've this chemo before, but I guess it had been long enough, so it was like starting over. I felt lousy Fri. thru Sun., and then just a little nausea the rest of the week. Even today, after a big lunch, I ended up taking a Zofran. Felt much better within a half hour.
While out shopping today I bought a scarf for chemo. Thought I should have something nicer than just a plain old winter scarf! I don't know if I'll need it for this next round, but I'll have it with me in case I do. I also have tea bags in my "chemo" bag so if I start having throat problems from the cold (usually starts when I'm almost done getting chemo, and I start losing my voice) I can have some tea. I haven't tried that before, but I'm hoping it will help.
I tried to eat some sherbet 2 nights ago, but my lips stiffened up and my mouth started hurting. Oh well. I could probably handle it now. I would take small bites and eat it slowly. I just had a caramel apple tho, so no sherbet for me tonight--maybe some popcorn tho!
Haven't been down to see Brennan in a few days, but he is doing really well. They moved him to a different room for stronger babies--a "feed and grow" room. No more oxygen or bili lights! Rachel is doing really well too. Took her to Target yesterday--thought she'd be real sore, but she did fine. Just tires easily! I'm so glad she lives close by! Only 5 minutes away (if that!) .
Monday I plan on going up to the school to help out 1 of the kdg. teachers. I help with copying, filing, cutting, whatever! I did mention tho that I don't want to be around the kids much. I'm nervous about getting sick. I haven't really talked to my doc about it (the flu) yet, but I plan to on Wed. A nurse told me I can get the shot there, so we'll see what Dr. J says about it.
Well, that's my update, in case anyone is checking :)
Love and blessings!


  1. Seems like your post is a "mixed bag,"
    good news and not so good news. That seems to be how it goes with treatment. Keep trying different textures.. eat what is appealing at the moment. It might be something cold, it might be something soft or crunchy.
    I didn't know Chemo patients could get the flu shot... isn't it a live virus? Hmm. Might have something to do with your blood counts at the moment. Let us know what you find out.

  2. Tina, thinking of you ... I'm sure you know ... some rounds are easier than others. I'm glad this one wasn't too too bad.