Sunday, November 22, 2009

Round 5, Day 3 and 4

Today I had my pump removed about 2:30. Its always so nice to have it disconnected! I slept better last night, but was ready for a nap about 2 hours after getting up! I finally did take a nap after the nurse left. I slept for about 2 hours and feel much better, although it was hard to wake up!
Took my 3rd and last Emend pill this morning. It really seems to help with the nausea. It works for "delayed nausea", which is what I have because the nausea doesn't usually start until after I have my pump removed.
In a little while I'll do my Neupogen shot. Its on the counter now warming up a little (its kept in the fridge). I'll feel much better after I do the shot, because I won't have to worry so much about getting sick. I've stayed home all weekend and tried to avoid catching germs from my daughter who has been sick. When the nurse did my vitals today my temp was 99.2, and my blood pressure was way up. I don't remember the top #, but the bottom was 100! That's very high for me. I think its all related to my low WBC. She told me to drink plenty of fluids, which is hard to do when everything has to be warm! I'm drinking warmish Sunny Delight right now. Tastes better than warm water!
So, side effects over all aren't too bad today. Just tired, but not the mind-numbing fatigue yet. Cramps in legs and such are gone, and I'm taking Metamucil to help the plumbing keep going. Might have to switch to Senekot. Oh-I better take some Tylenol before my shot to help with the back pain! Can't forget that!
Brennan update: He might be able to come home as early as Tuesday! They took him off the monitors, and then took his feeding tube out!! Rachel and Ken will be staying at the hospital with him until he comes home. Rachel loved hearing his little grunts and noises all night. Its so neat that they get to stay there with him now.
That's all for today!

Day 4
Much more tired today. Shuffling around the house--its hard to get my body to move. The one good point is that my brain is more "with it" than last round at this time. I've spent most of the day in my bedroom. I've brought back the computer, store ads, books, etc.
Took a 2 hour nap this afternoon, and then turned on the tv to help me stay awake. I feel like I could have just stayed asleep for hours! When I woke up I had some nausea so I took a compazine, and then had an early supper. Rich brought home a roasted chicken, potatoes, gravy, and corn from the grocery store. Stomach still not too great, but better. I can take an Ativan later if I need to.
My 2nd Neupogen shot is warming on the counter. I'll do it around 6pm. Didn't have too much back pain with the first shot. If I don't have much back pain with the 2nd, I'll have to do one tomorrow too. Most people have to do 3 anyway. Its just that I usually don't need 3.
Well, overall not horrible! Not as quite bad as the Monday of last round. I expect tomorrow to be the worst day--but praying its no worse than today.

Just heard from Rachel. Brennan's feeding tube had to go back in, because he hasn't been eating well enough. They increased the amount of calories they add to the milk, so he is gaining weight again. We are still hoping he'll be home sometime this week!

Bye for now!

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  1. Hang it there. I'm praying for you! Three to will do it!! Baby B might help a little with your recovery too. "-)