Friday, November 20, 2009

Today is Round 5

After today I'll have just 3 rounds left. Sounds good to me! This round I'm going to keep a log of side effects each day. I find when I come out of the fog I can't remember much of those 3 or 4 days that I feel so lousy. So each day, I'm going to write a little about how I'm doing. I'll start tonight, unless, of course, I can't have chemo today.
I've had a busy, but good week. I just have to remember that I can't do as much shopping/running around as I used to. I get tired pretty quickly, even on my best days. I've been apartment hunting with Alyssa, and have shopped til I dropped! I had a 30% coupon for Kohl's and I spent alot of money on new clothes for myself, because I had nothing that fit me! I usually don't spend much on myself, but I enjoyed buying smaller clothes :) . Yesterday Alyssa and I helped my mom make apple pies for Thanksgiving--yum! Mom will be going up to my brother's for Thanksgiving, but she made a pie to leave here for us. I LOVE apple pie!
We have our Thanksgiving dinner all planned out, and it should be a nice time. I'll be tired, and I'll probably over do it, but it will be so nice to have all the kids around at once. We will really miss Jaren though. The holidays are going to be a little tough for Alyssa, (and I'm sure Jaren too!), but we'll keep her busy and do our best to help her enjoy it!
We are still hoping to have Brennan with us. He is finally showing some big improvements and is getting most of his feeds by himself, instead of through the feeding tube. They are doing cue-based feedings, which means they feed him "on demand". They wait until he lets them know he is hungry, and he's very good at letting them know! Twice a day they make up what he's missed through the tube, because they have a minimum amount set that he needs each day. He's over 7 lbs now! His due date is next Tues. the 24th.
Well, I'm going to get a few things done before chemo--we have a late appt. today--we don't need to leave until noon.
Take care!

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  1. It's good to journal as you go through all of this. I did not, and wish I had. Looking back it doesn't seem to have been 'too' bad. And yet, I know that it was. If I had written down daily it would give me a more clear picture of all that I went through. Bless you as you go forward. And Happy Thanksgiving!