Thursday, November 26, 2009

Round 5, Day 7 (Thanksgiving!) and 8

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!

I put up a few pictures to show just some of the photos my sister gave Shonna to put all over my living room. They are for me to look at and to help me feel better. And 1 pic is of one of the flower bouquets she gave me. Isn't she special?
Today has been a little better, which is what I hoped for. Still no energy, and a little nausea, but I was able to do a few dishes and sit out in the living room for awhile. I've been going through the ads and making lists! No, I won't be shopping tomorrow (we are having our dinner tomorrow), but some things are on sale all weekend, and I might do some online shopping too.

Saturday we are going shopping for bridesmaid dresses for Alyssa and Jaren's ceremony and reception. I'll probably have to sit down alot, but that's ok. We are just going to one shop.

Other side effects: tingling of hands and feet (mild) and tingling of my lips too--weird. The inside of my mouth feels like its coated with something, and its kind of roughed up. Nothing tastes very good. I dream of the day I can have ice water again! Its almost the worst thing about chemo!

Can't wait to have Rachel, Ken and Brennan here tomorrow! Brennan is not letting them get much sleep! I'm glad Ken has a few days off! Its going to be tough on Rachel when he goes back to work. Brennan needs more attention than the average newborn, and Rachel needs to take care of herself too. Maybe her sisters can help out so she can get a nap now and then :).
I'll check in tomorrow! Hope everyone is having a GREAT time with family and friends. Thanksgiving is a good time to give thanks for family--and to forgive those family members we might not always be thankful for! Don't waste time arguing--you never know how long you'll have with your family--enjoy each other!!
Love to all!
Day 8
Wow, an exhausting day, but in a good way! We had our Thanksgiving dinner today, and it was a very nice time with family! Holding Brennan was such a wonderful feeling! He is doing very well, even tho he still has oxygen and a monitor (which beeps quite a bit!). Rachel and Ken take such good care of him.
I didn't sleep well again last night--when I wake up in the middle of the night I usually can't get back to sleep. During the day I was able to do some work, then rest and play on the computer, then get up and do some more, etc. Rich keeps asking if I'm ok, and although I am very tired, I am ok. Tiredness isn't going to hurt me! If I can't sleep tonight, I think I'll take an Ambien. I can take them even in the early morning hours, as long as I have about 4 or 5 hours to sleep. Tomorrow afternoon we have an appt. at a bridal shop to look at bridesmaid dresses. That should be fun, and I'm sure I can find a place to sit when needed.
I think the worst side effects are over now. The tiredness never goes away completely now, like it did for my earlier rounds of chemo. I still get weak showering, going up or down the steps, or doing anything physical! And there is the ever present cold sensitivity. But other than that, I'm hoping the rest of this round goes well!
I'll be back tomorrow!
Blessings to all!


  1. What a wonderful Thanksgiving day to have the entire family, except Jaren, there. So wonderful to have baby Brennan home with his parents! Blessings!

    If going to the dress shop is too exhausting, why not shop online? Look at magazines and get an idea then do a Google search for the dress designer and the shops listed.

  2. Hi Tina, That's good you have so many photographs posted about. You might consider taking some to treatment... I have read research about their therapeutic value. Relieves stress, reduces pain, etc. For Christmas, I am going to put together a small photo album for Ron's chemo bag. I will include scripture and words of encouragement. shh! It's a surprise.
    :) Have a good weekend.

  3. Sounds as if you are mentally being very resilient, even if the chemo is hitting your body hard. During my own chemo I wasn't much for getting up and going or doing, but I definitely gave God praise for His many blessings to me. Bless you as you move forward through your sessions.