Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Round 4 and Baby B Pictures!

Rich and I got to hold our little grandson for the first time on Saturday. We all hope he can come home soon. He's doing well, but his digestive system is still too immature.
I've had a busy few days! Went to the high school football game (great game!! We won!) It was fun to see Alyssa's cheerleaders in action! It was only in the 40's, so I was pretty cold and tingly--but I made it through!

Tomorrow is my 4th chemo. So I'll be halfway done! I think the nausea was a little better last time with the Emend, but not much. But I'll take what I can get! Tomorrow will be a rough day. I'm especially worried about the cold. I'll have my scarf and hot tea again at the end of chemo to keep my throat from freezing up. That was not a good feeling when that happened last spring! Then Thurs. I feel a little better, and Friday afternoon or evening the nausea starts. Then I sleep for the next 4 days or so! My "good" days were not so energetic this time! I feel tired each day, but its not too bad. I had my "day before chemo smoothie" today! I have to let it melt alot first, but at least I can drink it. Yum! I've found Sunny Delight, like orange juice, tastes pretty good warmed up, so I have another option for getting something to drink.

Thank you to those that donated treats for the cancer center! They will be so appreciative tomorrow! All the volunteers and nurses say thanks and tell everyone we brought in treats. I wish all you who donated could be there to see how grateful everyone is!

Thanks also for the wonderful soup Carol and Janet. Carol, it tasted GREAT, and we still have a little left over. We'll be enjoying Janet's beef barley soup tomorrow. It makes me feel good to know my family is getting a good meal once in awhile! Thanks so much!!

Hope everyone enjoys the nice weather we'll be having this weekend! Spend time with loved ones and count your blessings!

Love ya all!


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  1. I love these pictures! What a beautiful little boy Brennan is! As always, praying for you, your family, and little Brennan.