Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Round 5, Day 5 and 6

Not much new to report today. But I am pleasantly surprised that these last 2 days have been better than last round.
Moving around is difficult. I shuffle and feel like I'm moving through wet cement! Got very weak in the shower, and had to keep a hand on the wall so I wouldn't fall over. But I was able to do a few things too, like pick up some of my clothes that's been piling up--one item at a time, and very slowly. The brain fog isn't nearly as bad. I do get sleepier after I nap--I never quite wake all the way back up. I force myself to stay awake until bedtime.
Not too much nausea today. Haven't taken any pills yet.
I will do a 3rd Neupogen shot in a little while. Haven't had much back pain, so don't think its working as quickly as usual.
The cold sensitivity is fading slightly. I can drink room temp things now.

Brennan has had a good day, and might be able to come home tomorrow! I really hope so!

A BIG thank you to my wonderful sister, Dee. This week she printed huge family pics (taken by Shonna) that are now all over my living room walls, she bought me flowers for both the kitchen and my bedroom, she bought me a couple of comedy videos, and she made us meatloaf for supper tonight! She wanted me to have nice things to look at when I'm feeling sick and depressed. How wonderful!! Thank you so much big sister!

That's all for today!
Blessings to all!

Day 6
First of all I have to say that my wonderful grandson, Brennan, finally came home from the hospital today!! We are so happy to finally have him in his own home.
As for me, the side effects have been slightly worse today. More nausea--took a compazine and then later an ativan. I also have some back pain--not bad, but annoying--from the neupogen shots. And I've had a headache off and on. I'm not letting things get me down though. I know that soon I will come out of this funk and start feeling better. I do feel a little panic now and then when I think of Thanksgiving being here! But then I remember that its just the kids and Dee, and no one cares what the house looks like! And they are all going to help with the meal.
When things start to get to be too much for me I remember to pray and thank God for all my blessings.
This is my 3rd day hibernating in my room. I'm hoping tomorrow I can get around a little more and do some picking up and such. We'll see--one day at a time :)
Love ya all!

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  1. We were willing to do the WHOLE Thanksgiving dinner stuff until you decided to take charge!