Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Low Platelets!

Yep, my platelets are low, just as the doc and I thought they would be. They were 96 last time, and that was almost too low, and this time they were 85. My wbc were high due to the shots. We will wait a week and try again! In the meantime, I will be enjoying feeling good! :)
I asked the doc today about my tumor. I reminded him that it was "moderately differentiated" (sp?), and asked him how long he thought it took to grow. He said it probably took about 5 years to grow and was moderately aggressive--sort of middle of the road. It started as a polyp, and that is why I will have a colonoscopy every 1-3 years, so if another polyp starts they will find it and remove it before it gets cancerous. As for the cancer spreading, the fact that it only made it to 2 lymph nodes is a good thing, and the doc said all the treatment I had should have gotten any remaining cancer cells. My prognosis looks pretty good. Just off the top of his head, he thinks I have at least a 75% chance of it NOT returning. He doesn't expect it to spread. So that was all good to hear!
We also talked about my neuropathy. Its there, but doesn't hurt, just tingles. Dr. J said it would be alot worse if I didn't have that break from Oxaliplatin over the summer during radiation. He checked to make sure I still had feeling in my fingers, and told me I should call him if it gets "bothersome". There are trials going on now to find something that works better. Apparently there is a hand cream they are trying out.
I'll have a colonoscopy the end of Feb., then I'll see the doc and have labs done in about 4 months. After that I'll have a ct scan. I asked about pet scans and he said its harder to see details on the pet scan and the ct works better for the colon. I'll continue to see the doc every 3 months after that, and ct scans every 6 months. Not sure how long that will go on. It was an interesting office visit!
I couldn't help thinking how weird it will be after my last chemo--when I start feeling good, I'll KEEP feeling good. It won't only be a few days of feeling good. And then I'll be able to put ice in all my drinks again, and eat sherbet...ahhh that'll be soooo good!
My plan is to start using the treadmill and eat healthier so I can regain my strength (I can hardly make it up a short flight of steps these days. My legs are really weak!), AND keep the weight off (and hopefully lose more!!) I should start this week!
I've also got to make a better plan for Bible reading. I've always struggled with having a set time, but I really should be reading it daily. So I've got some ideas to make that work.
So much to think about--no wonder I can't sleep some nights!
Oh--I took an Ativan before my appt. this morning, and didn't have any trouble with feeling nauseous after having my port wiped with alcohol, or getting the saline flush. I'll have to remember that before every port draw!
Speaking of ports, I will leave mine in at least until I have my ct scan. I don't know if I'll want to leave it in longer than that--we'll see.
That's all for now!
Thanks for all the well wishes and prayers!


  1. Overall, that's very good news! So glad to hear it :)

  2. Tina, did you ever imagine you'd be THIS BRAVE and this versed in the language of cancer and chemo? No one wants to be tested like this, but you've really passed with flying colors! Good job, cousin!!! You're an inspiration. ~Tricia