Friday, January 29, 2010

9 Days Post Chemo

Yesterday I went to a staff meeting at work (MAJOR budget cuts in our school district!). It was only a few degrees above zero at the time, and I probably should have stayed home! The school is only a 1/2 mile from my house, but since I was going to start the car up I thought I'd run up to the post office first. BAD IDEA! The car never really had time to warm up. By the time I got to the school my fingers and toes were tingling pretty bad from the cold. I had a scarf over my mouth to protect my throat, and that was a BIG help. Its -4 right now....I don't think I'll be going out today! Rich has been taking the dog out before work, and either Alyssa or Shonna take her out in the afternoon for me. I am so thankful for such a thoughtful family.
It was so nice to see my co-workers again and get some much needed hugs! I work with great people!
My cold sensitivity seems just a little worse this time, and the neuropathy in my finger tips and bottom of my feet seems a little worse too. My hair has started thinning more again--it had slowed down the last 2 weeks.
When I was getting ready for the meeting yesterday(you know, trying to do something with the hair and putting on a little make up), I thought I looked a little haggard. Everyone said I looked great, which was very nice to hear, but I knew that I wasn't looking my best. I had bags under my eyes, and for some reason, around this time in my chemo cycle, my "age spots" get darker brown on my face and hands, and lines are brownish too. This usually fades in a few days. Hopefully next time I see everyone at work I'll look even better! I plan on going back on Feb. 16th.
I've been thinking alot about how I'm going to keep the weight off (I'm still down 22 pounds!), and how I'm going to get my strength back for work. I'm a little worried about working with chemo brain, and still being weak. Monday I hope to start some type of exercise routine--either the treadmill or a pilates or aerobics dvd. I will start very slow, but I have to get moving somehow. My legs are so weak. I also like to lift weights, so I might do a little of that too.
So here's a chemo brain story: last night we were in a rush to go out to eat so Rich could make it to his class at church. Alyssa, Jaren, and Shonna were going with us. My sister stopped by and gave me a hug and said something about seeing me after her vacation (my mom, sis, and sis-in-law are on their way to Mexico right now!), and she wanted to talk to Shonna about taking care of her dogs. I kind of brushed her off, cuz we were on our way out the door. I couldn't figure out what the hurry was--they had a day or 2 before they left, right? Well, later Dee (my sis) called about moving cars around and such, and after the call I starting thinking--what day is it? Is it possible its TOMORROW morning they are leaving? I asked Alyssa what day it was and then I realized that it WAS tomorrow (Friday at 4 am!) that they were leaving and THAT was why Dee came to give me a hug and was in such a hurry to get everything done! It never once occurred to me during the day, so I never said good-bye to my mom. By the time I figured it all out she was already in bed. So I wrote her a note and put it on her suitcase. And I called Dee to apologize and wish her a wonderful trip. She laughed at me and said if she had known my chemo brain was that bad she would have played a trick on me--like telling me I owed her $400, and I just forgot that I agreed to pay it! Jeez, I hope somebody doesn't really play a trick on me like that--I'd probably fall for it! I've heard people say chemo brain can last for a year, and some have even had to change the way they learn something new. I may have to ask my special ed para/teacher friends for tips on how to learn new things! lol! My family laughs at me, but they are really supportive and helpful, thank goodness! Oh, btw, I got my steak and salad at Applebee's that I had been craving--yummy!
Ok, I always say "a little update" , and we all know that's not usually the case, so better end here! Maybe I'll have some more chemo brain stories for you next time :D

God is Good!!

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