Monday, January 4, 2010

Some Tough Days

Top picture is Shonna and Brennan on Christmas Eve. He was so cute in his little Santa suit! The 2nd picture is Alyssa and Brennan on New Year's Day, which was Alyssa's 22nd birthday.
Saturday the tiredness started really setting in, but I was able to help a little with moving stuff going on. Alyssa moved into her new apartment. When Jaren comes home near the end of Jan. it will be all ready for him. Shonna is going to stay with her most of the month too, so Alyssa doesn't have to be alone. I've been very excited for Alyssa, but now I sure am missing her! (even tho she'll still be around a lot!) I've really enjoyed her being around so much, and she's been a very good caretaker for me! Its really odd having both girls leave at the same time, but at least Shonna will only be out of the house for a few weeks. And she'll be here alot too. I've been looking forward to the "empty nest", but I think I underestimated how hard it would be! I have to remind myself how nice it will be to have an extra room, and extra storage space! :)
Yesterday was a tough, long day. Not really too horrible, but worse than the last round. I've had a bit more nausea, and just an upset stomach in general. Also, I'm needing some mild laxatives, and drinking Citrucel at least once a day to keep things moving. My Onc. says I should drink Citrucel or Metamucil every day, whether I think I need it or not. Remember that I'm missing about 18" of my colon--yeah, enough about that. :)
The mornings are about the only time I have enough energy to do anything. Sometimes when I nap, like yesterday, I never really fully wake up again. I try, but I keep drifting off. And I was surprised last night I actually slept through the night too. I'm hoping I'll be able to stay awake a little longer today!
As yucky as I feel some days, I'm doing better at coping with it. I know the bad stuff only lasts a few days, AND I only have ONE more round of this to go through! 2 months ago I was getting a little depressed because the end seemed so far away, but now its almost here!!
I have so many thoughts going through my head now. Like, what do I really want to do with my life? Do I have any options? Most things I want to do I wouldn't get paid for--that's not really an option now with Shonna going to college next Fall. And we need to buld our retirement money back up too. I'm praying God will give me some answers, and show me what He wants me to do. I would like to live more radically for Him. I hope I have enough energy to do everything I want to!
Some really good news--> Jaren is back in the United States!!! We are so grateful God brought him safely back. He has to do some training in Utah before he comes home, but at least he is out of Iraq, and will be home in just a few weeks! Thank you to those that have been praying for him!
I'm hoping tomorrow the girls (and Brennan!) come over to help take down some Christmas stuff. They can at least get it started, and then I can finish later in the week when I feel better (I should start feeling a bit better by Wed.)
We are trying to stay warm with these awful below 0 temps. Poor Sadie (my dog) gets very cold little feet when we take her out--she's learning to hurry tho! I hope it warms up a little so I can get out of the house later in the week.
Thank you, Dee, for the wonderful meals! You do too much for me--I'm so grateful. My whole life you've been there taking care of me. I wish everyone could be blessed with a big sister like you!!
Well, hope everyone else here in the northland is keeping warm!
Take care everyone!

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  1. Tina, you have a beautiful family.
    I am sorry you've had some rough days lately,
    I hope you are feeling better by the time you read this!
    As for your pooch, you can order doggie booties on line, NO JOKE! They make them for dogs to wear in the snow. The cold and ice are hard on the pads of their feet. You can Google it and lots of places pop up. They aren't very expensive. Are you going stir crazy? That's what I hate about the cold and snow the most. We used to live where the weather wasn't as mild as it is here. Take care!