Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Things That Helped Me Through the Tough Days

If anyone noticed the other day that I put up a new post with a video of Shonna, I had the wrong video. The one I wanted was too big and after waiting several hours it still didn't finish loading, so I deleted the post. For my facebook friends--the video is on my page. Its Shonna singing "Lead me to the Cross", and it is an awesome song--listen to the words!
Ok--on to the main reason I wanted to blog today!
As many of you know (and certainly those who have been through chemo know what I'm talking about!), things get pretty tough for a few days during each chemo cycle. There have been days where it was REALLY hard to keep a positive attitude--some days were downright depressing!
After one of my worst cycles, I made 2 lists to help me when things got bad. When I was so out of it, I didn't care about food or finding things to help me, and my brain didn't work well enough to think of things, so I made the lists. The lists helped me and others in the house know what I might want to eat, or what I could do to take my mind off how bad I felt.
My first list is titled "Things to Help Me Through". Here are a few of things on my list:
Music-->choose cds ahead of time and have them ready
Rich read to me--> I like listening to people talk, but carrying on a conversation is REALLY difficult.
Girls talk to me (for a short while!)--> Just wanted them to tell me about their day, school, baby, etc. Again, I mostly could only listen, not talk back.
Books and magazines-->Pick them out ahead of time and have them ready.
Tv-->I am blessed that I was able to buy a 22" tv for my bedroom. I also have family that helped with the cost when they found out I wanted one. Pick out dvds ahead of time. My sister bought me some funny ones!
Prayer time-->I put this on my list so I would remember how much better I felt if I took time to talk to God and give Him praise! Keep a prayer journal or notebook handy.
Ipod-->I have the New Testament on it--again, something to listen to.
Books on tape.
The important thing is to have everything ready and nearby your comfy spot (mine is my bed!) so you don't have to think about anything or make any decisions. If I had to think about it I would just give up and lay there feeling miserable.
My 2nd list is "Foods to Eat". I have had a hard time finding things that taste good, and since I can't have anything cold that makes it even harder. I would think of things I could've had, but forget about them when I wasn't feeling good. Here are a few food items:
Fried egg sandwich
Ham and Cheese sandwich
Mac and Cheese
Ramen noodles
Instant mashed potatoes
oranges and clementines (lifesavers for me!)
Soft pretzels
Oyster crackers
Tomato soup
Cheese and Crackers
I also have a basket on the counter with pudding and applesauce cups, tho I am pretty tired of both right now! Also, for breakfast I have been eating oatmeal, Malto Meal, and instant oatmeal. Can't wait to be able to have cold cereal again!!
I've developed a real sweet tooth--hopefully it goes away!! I've been eating cinn. rolls, orange slice candy, little Snicker's bars, and lots of other junk food. Today I threw away what was left of the Fritos--No excuse to have them around anymore. Its time to start finding healthier snacks again. I've been craving salads--I think its my body's way of telling me its time for more healthy stuff. :)
Don't feel bad about eating junk food during chemo! Just do what you have to to get you through it!! You'll have enough your mind w/o feeling guilty about your diet! By planning ahead for the bad days, you can make sure to have some healthy stuff around too.
Love and Blessings!
My son-in-law Jaren is finally back in MN!! His deployment is over!! He's very happy to be back, but says he feels like he's just on leave--hasn't sunk in yet that he's here to stay, for awhile at least! He loves the apartment and furniture Alyssa got, and everything she's done with it. So proud of them both!!

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  1. Tina that is such a great idea ... I know it's hard to focus on the simplest things during the tough days.