Thursday, January 21, 2010

Mild Nausea

I've been having mild nausea off and on all day. This is unusual for the day after chemo. Its not too bad, but kept me awake early this morning. I finally got up around 5 am to eat some applesauce, then took an Ativan. Stayed awake for awhile and went back to bed about 6:30. Got back up about 8:30. The nausea didn't stay away too long. I've taken my Zofran, Decadron, Emend, and compazine. Now its time to take my Zofran and Decadron again.
I also took a hour nap this afternoon, but am really tired again. I think I'll go back to bed and read for awhile, til I can't keep my eyes open any longer! Rich should be home soon from a class at church, and he'll probably want to get to bed pretty early too.
I should get my pump removed around noon tomorrow--can't wait! It's so nice to know that I may never have to have it again!
I have one more Emend to take tomorrow. I'm hoping the nausea will go away. I can handle the extreme fatigue so much better without the nausea.
I doubt I'll be able to make it to church on Sunday, which makes me sad. Not only is Shonna singing with the worship team, but she told me she is doing the offering song as well. I'll have Rich record it for me, but I'll be there myself it at all possible. Everyone is welcome to come to Bridgewood!
But, I have to keep in mind that in less than a week I'll be feeling better, and won't ever have to go through this again (God willing!). Its an awesome thought, and I will be clinging to that the next few days!
Take care everyone!

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