Thursday, February 11, 2010

Life is Good!

I've had a busy week. I like being busy, but the house sure suffers when I'm gone alot! And it makes the days pass too quickly. There are still things I'm hoping to get done before I go back to work on the 1st of March.
Wed. I went to church to do some copying for the Children's pastor, who happens to be a good friend of mine. It was nice to visit with her! I used to help her out once a week after work, and it felt good to be able to help out again! I plan on going there every week again like I used to.
After helping out at church, I had lunch with a retired friend from work. It was a nice lunch, and I'm glad we could finally get together!
After lunch I went to Target to get groceries. By the time I got home, my legs were really tired! Too much standing and walking around. I guess I still got some work to do on building my strength back up!
Today I had my mammogram. It was 6 months over due. I was more nervous than usual. I guess knowing that there could still be cancer cells floating around in my body made me wonder if they could end up in my breasts. I have a family history of breast cancer, and always assumed if I did get cancer, that's where I'd get it. The tech that did the test on me today told me that if more pictures were needed they'd call me Mon. or Tues. She said a couple of times that she can't read the scans, the radiologist did that. I kept wondering if she saw something and just wasn't telling me. I think I was reading WAY too much into it. :)
After the mammogram I had lunch with Rich, Jaren, and Alyssa. I had been wanting Chinese for awhile and there was a good buffet nearby. After we were done eating Rich took a lens cleaning wipe out of his pocket to clean his sunglasses (I think). The smell of alcohol from the wipe immediately made me feel sick to my stomach. I was surprised at my response. Its from having the nurses wipe my port with alcohol (or something that smells like it) before chemo. I don't like
having psychological responses to things--it makes me feel like I'm not in control of myself. I expected to have that response when I get my port flushed, but not everytime I smell alcohol, no matter where I am!
I am sort of looking forward to having my port flushed, because it'll be nice to see the nurses again, but I am nervous too, because of the nausea. And it'll just be weird being back there. I would like to volunteer at the cancer center, if I didn't have to work. I might do it in the summer, when I have off.
Tomorrow I'm having lunch with a former classmate that I haven't seen since 1982! I found her on facebook and found out she is a cancer survivor too. She has a very positive, supportive attitude that has helped me through some rough days. There are many others that cheered me on too!
Friday night Rich and I are having dinner with friends that used to be our neighbors. Its been a year or 2 since we have gotten together with them, and I expect it to be a fun evening. Its soooo nice to finally feel well enough to get out and see people again! I used to put off getting together with friends, thinking there would always be time later. Now I know that there might not be time later, and friendships have become much more important to me. Especially those who have stood by me through this past year.
Its been more than 3 weeks since my last chemo, and I still have the neuropathy. It hasn't faded much. My cold sensitivity is hardly noticeable. I just can't hold frozen items for long, but I can have ice water, and ice cream again! Also, my eyes are still watering, but it seems to have slowed down a bit in the last few days.
I've been using the Wii Fit to try and build my strength up and keep from gaining weight. Its been helping my legs get stronger, but not so much the weight! I'm really trying to eat better, but all this going out to eat makes it difficult. I'll have to work harder at the exercise!
Oh--Brennan is coming over in the morning. Shonna will be here to watch him when I leave for lunch. He really brightens my day!
Well, that's my rambling update. Life is good!
Love and blessings!


  1. Popping in to see what's new and say, HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY! Love ya!

  2. Life is good ... can't beat that!