Monday, February 1, 2010

"Fear Not"

Our church is starting a new sermon series, called "Fearless Living". Yesterday I learned that the words "fear not" are in the Bible 366 times! I guess maybe I should pay attention, because its apparently important to God that we hear those words! I jokingly said after the service that I should have heard that message a year ago--when I was diagnosed with cancer. But, really, God has given me a tremendous peace and an almost child-like joy in everyday things through this whole ordeal. I am so grateful. Over the years I have had a hard time believing that I'm important enough to God for Him to pay much attention to me--I mean there are wars and disasters, and other things going on that are much more important than li'l ole me, right? WRONG! Each one of us is God's top priority! If He knows how many hairs are on my head, I can believe that He knows ALL my needs!
I was reminded yesterday that God is bigger than ANY problem I face, including the dreaded cancer. Therefore, I don't need to fear ANYTHING--EVER!!! I hope I remember this when it comes time to have a colonoscopy, or especially a CT scan. What will I do if they find more cancer? I will do my best to live out my faith, and trust in HIM. I really feel like my cancer is gone, but I can't see into the future and know what will happen. I just know that no matter what, God will carry me through.
I often get tears in my eyes during worship at church, and yesterday, during one song, I almost lost it. The name of the song is "Came to My Rescue", and the words "I called, You answered, and You came to my rescue" really hit me. That's exactly what happened when I heard that I had cancer. He came to my rescue--isn't that awesome?? You know what? WHATEVER struggle you face right now, if you call out to the Almighty God, He'll come to YOUR rescue too!!
For those of you who have different beliefs, and just come to this blog to hear about cancer related things, I hope I didn't turn you off. For me, God is a BIG part of this walk with cancer, so I can't NOT talk about Him, and all He's done for me.
Time to make supper!
Talk to ya all soon!


  1. "Fear not!" It's easy to understand that command intellectually, but in our "today reality", it's so easy to slip back into fear. It's good to be reminded, over and over. It's good that the command is mentioned 366 times! We need that constant reminder! (smile)