Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Some Wedding Pictures, and an Update

The pics aren't in the order I wanted, but oh well.  I don't really have any good ones!  I'm waiting for Shonna to edit some and put them up. The bridesmaids are Rachel, friend Alyssa L., Shonna, and Jaren's sister Mari is the Junior bridesmaid.  The wood cross they got married in front of was made by Jaren's dad, Ed, for their outdoor wedding last year. it added a real personal touch, and speaks of their commitment to God.  Alot of drippy eyes during the father/daughter dance!  They danced to Stephen Curtis Chapman's "Cinderella"  which is a tear-jerker song!  And of course I had to put up a pic of Brennan!  He's getting so big!  Almost 20lbs now.  And what a sense of humor!
As for me, the yucks have started to set in after round 2.  I napped a lot this afternoon and feel a bit better.  I'm taking my prescribed anti-nausea meds, as well as the "as needed" ones too.  They help, but it feels like the yuckiness never completely goes away.  The next few days I'll be resting alot and just trying to get through.  Then, hopefully, around Sunday, I'll start to come out of the fog a bit!
My hair continues to fall, but its just a few strands at a time, no clumps yet.  My friend that is going to give me a buzz cut was going to come Friday, but I asked her to come Monday instead.  I'll be too out of it Friday, and I don't want to buzz it until absolutely necessary.  I won't be going out much this weekend, and if I do, I can wear a scarf if I need to.  I tried on 3 my scarves, 2 wigs and 1 hat on Tues. when Alyssa was here, and they don't look too bad.  When I had a long scarf on I said I looked like an old Ukrainian woman, but I didn't look as bad as I thought I would.
Hope all is well out there!
Love and Blessings!

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  1. Tina wait till it gets nice and warm. I'd walk around with just my bald head. though when shopping I did wear a scarf....

    Hope you feel better.......Alli.