Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Ok, today's appointment with the genetic counselor is not something that's easy to explain! So, I'll do my best, and give you the basics.
Tissue from my tumor will be tested (provided insurance agrees to pay for it!) to find out if there are certain markers that will tell us if it is something I inherited. If nothing shows up in the tumor, then there is a different test I can have done that will tell me whether I have this other inherited condition where I get 1 bad gene from each parent. People can be carriers of this gene and not get cancer themselves, but if a child gets 1 from each parent, then that child is likely to get colon cancer. With one of these issues there is a greater chance that I could get other kinds of cancers also, specifically uterine. I guess some women even have their uterus removed to prevent this. So, it would be good to know for myself, and my daughters.
If there is no genetic reason for me to have colon cancer, then I'm just an oddball! (no comments from my family!) And I would only be at risk of getting colon cancer again, not other cancers.
There are other genetic "conditions" also that a person can be tested for, but I didn't fit the profile for any of those. The only reason I'm being tested at all is because of my "young" age. There is alot of breast cancer in my family, but that isn't related to my colon cancer.
So, other than all that, things are going great. I hardly noticed my port at all today. I notice it a little at night when I try to sleep, but that's about all. Sat., after we got groceries, I was putting a container of ice cream away and I was holding it in one hand by my chest and the edge of the container hit my port really hard. Man did that hurt! It hurt the rest of the day. I was afraid I might have damaged it. But all seems fine now, and I just have to learn to be more careful!!

I only have 1 more day off before I have to go back to work. I do enjoy my time off, but I'm really looking forward to going back!
Chemo starts next Wed., the 8th, and when I stop to think about it I get a little nervous, but overall I'm ok with it. I have no idea how it will affect me, so why worry? On the one hand, its hard to go to chemo when I feel so good (cuz it might make me feel really lousy), but on the other hand, I'm worried that there are cancer cells running around in my body having a party--and I want to put a stop to that! Nobody parties in me unless I say so!! Ok, that's probably the oddest thing I've ever said, but I'm really tired!!
So, off to bed I go!!
Goodnight all!


  1. My mom came to stay with me all during my Chemo treatments (six months). She would say she could tell when the Chemo started to hit me because she could see it in my face. I guess my facial expression would change. I know I would feel good up until about an hour or two into it and then would start to just feel "yucky" if that's a good description. Chemo for me was on Tuesday through Thursday (went home with the fanny pack). By Monday of the next week I was feeling pretty good again. Then again, that was me. Lots of patients feel perfectly fine through everything. :) I have been praying for you. -->sending good thoughts your way!

  2. Oh, forgot to tell you the worst pain I ever felt with the port in was my little granddaughter hitting it as I was holding her. OMG! The pain! No, didn't hurt the port at all. Glad that sucker is out!

  3. I had the same experience as Carol - Tuesday started chemo, and within an hour, I started feeling crappy. Probably flu-like is the best description - a little queasy (not nauseous, thanks to the plethora of meds!), tired, weak, etc. I didn't have pain from the chemo, for which I will eternally be grateful. But, even I could tell when the chemo hit - you walk in there feeling great, passing out hugs like it's nothing, then boom - you feel like you got hit by the flu. But, again, there are people that work full-time, go on vacation, and never see a difference. So, let's hope for the second option!
    Regarding the port, my son was just 2 when I had mine put in, and I would honestly swear that he had a sensor in his little head - he would lean back and poof! Well, I guess the word is BAM! Ouch. Even after chemo was done, that sucker still hurt. I don't think you ever get used to it - it's a constant reminder of what you are dealing with. But, now, my scar is like a freakin' badge of honor....it's my scar and I earned it, darnit!
    So, keep on living life, and keep fighting. You are on your way, and we are all rooting for ya!